Gmails Black Dot, Replaced With a White Dot – Dot in Upper Left Corner of Gmail – Where It’s Visible…

A couple weeks ago, there were a few posts on Flickr and Digg about the black dot in the upper left corner of Gmail, since those posts, it seems that Google has removed the little black dot, but just because it is not visible, doesn’t mean that it is not there… It has now been replaced with a white dot!!!

Original black dot:

Gmail Black Dot

New White Dot:

Gmail White Dot in Firefox
Gmail White Dot in Safari

How to see the new white dot in gmail:

When viewing a message that has an email address in it, click on the email address link. This will open a popup window to compose a new message. This popup window has a blue background, rather than a white background, thus making the new white dot that Google used to replace the black dot become apparent.

What is this??? Is it the way into the matrix???

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