iPhone Copy and Paste (Cut and Paste) – iPhone Features Update

According to a recent post at MacApper – iPhone Copy-Paste Must be Implemented by Apple. Copy and Paste is not a function that could be created by a 3rd party developer using the Apple iPhone SDK. The iPhone SDK just doesn’t include the functionality in order to implement copy and past (or cut and paste) functionality.

John Casasanta, president of the iPhone app development company Tap Tap Tap, would love to build it, but with the tools Apple gives developers, it’s technically impossible. “Apple doesn’t really provide it in their SDK,” he said. “There’s no real way of doing copy-paste.”

– from MacApper.com

If you have any specific features that you’d like to see added to the iPhone, please view this post and leave a comment, add to the list… hopefully Apple will see it and maybe do something about it.

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