Windows 7 Not Recognizing External Hard Drive (Western Digital MyBook)

I recently installed the Windows 7 beta on my home computer and love everything about it. The operating system as a whole is great, and I have no complaints… especially when compared to Windows Vista. Anyways, I recently tried to backup my photo folder on my computer to my external hard drive, and I realized that it was not listed in my list of available drives. So I went to my device manager and it wasn’t found there either. I then tried disconnecting and reconnecting it with no luck. When I open up the USB tree in the device manager, I find an “Unsupported USB Device”, which I am assuming is my external hard drive.

Just to make sure that my drive still works, I brought it to work and plugged it into my computer, and it works perfectly. So there is something with Windows 7 that is causing my external hard drive to not be recognized. Any suggestions?

I’m using:

  • Windows 7
  • Western Digital 500GB MyBook External Hard Drive

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  1. Hey,

    I got myself a ssd yesterday and installed window 7 home premium 64bit on it. Then i realise that my motherboard sabertooth has a lot of problem with hard disk connection. Firstly, unable to detect sata, secondly unable to detect my external wd book.

    Then i tried to connect my wd to my laptop to make sure that this is my desktop’s problem and apparently on my laptop everything seems fine. I then connect another external hdd(samsung) to my desktop.. SEEMS FINE TOO. then how come I cant connect this wd hdd to my desktop. So i decided to give it a try agian. Without powering off the wd hdd, I switch the usb over to my desktop and it is working now.

    Hope that helps.

    My system is i7960, sabertooth, 12gb, 60gb ocz agility, 6870

  2. I do not know that why another driver with another serial number is sitting instead of mine. win 7 know my passport W.D but Its not in MY COMPUTER. any Idea ?

  3. i got the solution!! 😀

    u wont believe it!! just change the usb cable with new one like the black berry cable!! and check !! i gurantte it will work !!! this happened to be but when i replace it with my black berry cable it worked 😀

  4. If the device worked at one point and it doesn’t work now, it is something that you installed on the computer and if you haven’t installed anything on the computer, than go to the WD and it is an issue with the hard drive, I had the same issue and WD walks you through resolving the issue. If you haven’t installed anything, uninstall the hard drive and re-install the drivers and it should work just fine :)

  5. Can’t believe this is still an issue after two years! My Windows 7 socket 775 based PC threw a wobbly until the 500gb WD Mybook was unplugged yesterday, now the in-laws’ socket 1156 PC that I built has done exactly the same. Both PC’s have been using the Mybook external hard drives for months with no issues but it seems Windows has been updated and they stopped working.
    I’ve just managed (at the third attempt) to reformat my WD drive to NTFS instead of fat32 to see if that is the problem… anyone now if this may be the issue as I’m a relative beginner..?

  6. I’ve posted on this thread before, and have been able to find a solution (not a temp fix). The problem is with the partition tables, and using a program like EASEUS and Partition Master. I can’t see this as being a Windows problem, as I’ve have many other drives working side by side with these and it only had issues with the WD drives.

    There may be cheaper (or free) products that do the same thing (fix the partition tables) as EASEUS and Partition Master, but since I bought this product – I haven’t had the need to find another.

    My purpose for this last post is not to direct you towards a specific product/program to fix your problem – but to stress the following: You should NOT have to format your disk and lose your data!
    My data was to important to me to give up, and I have been using the ‘fixed’ drives for close to a year with no additional issues (once the partition table was fixed).

    I hope this helps and gives everyone some hope – you shouldn’t have to trash your disk, or format and lose everything.


  7. Well, I’ve had my WD external drive connected to my PC (Windows 7) for a year. Had all my files backed up. Today there is nothing on the WD drive, however the PC seems to think it is full. And, I cannot seem to access the drive.

  8. same problem as mentioned. just upgraded to thinkpad x120e with AMD e-350 processor. no computer will recognize my WD essentials 750G. I have two same hard drives, one is recognized, the other NO.

    Under Disk management, it states I have to Initialize drive, but keeps giving error message. Have tried all above options to no avail. Is there sth I’m missing. Please help.

  9. Then i tried to connect my wd to my laptop to make sure that this is my desktop’s problem and apparently on my laptop everything seems fine. I then connect another external hdd(samsung) to my desktop.. SEEMS FINE TOO. then how come I cant connect this wd hdd to my desktop. So i decided to give it a try agian.

  10. For anyone with the following problem, I have found the solution!!

    windows 7 64-bit will not recognize an external hdd

    -open the desktop in windows explorer.
    -right-click on computer -> manage
    -in “computer management” window, select “Disk Management” on the left side
    -you SHOULD see all the hdd’s you have connected, as well as CD-ROMs etc. (if you do not, you’re connection has an issue, you need to resolve this first)
    -right-click on the disk you cannot view at the top (the list view, not the button view at the bottom)
    -select “change drive letter and paths”
    -in the new window, select “add” near the bottom
    -select “assign the following drive letter” and choose one. it will automatically pick one that works, so you don’t need to worry about changing the one it has selected already
    -click ok

    and that should do it. this is what worked for me. windows 7 32-bit recognized the drive from the get-go, but when i installed 64-bit just recently, it did not come up next to my other drives. the drivers all updated and everything. I just couldn’t view it. this solved that issue.

    hope this helps anyone with this issue

  11. I was having issues with the hard-drive being recognized on ANY computer. tried a different cord, now it’s FIXED!

  12. I have a Freecom 400GB external hard drive and have just purchased a new PC with Windows 7. I am getting a code 43 error when trying to attach this to my new PC. I have tried a number of solutions (except updating the BIOS, as I have no clue what to do) and I still get the 43 error. The external drive worked fine on my old PCs that had XP and Vista. Can anyone give me any guidance.



  13. I solved this issue by getting my data off using mediafour’s macdrive9. Even though the drive was formatted with windows 7 I’m currently backing up as I type. I would hate to think I lost 1.2TB of data

  14. hey me too, all of the above problems, pullin hair out etc…although i had the sense to put all of my files somewhere else before i formatted hardrive! & it still wouldn’t accept once id formatted, so i did what FAHAD (further up this forum suggested) Change the cable its true it seems to have accepted it, & i read somewhere else to run a longer format not the quick version! just un-tick the quick format tick box in the disc management program, it does take a long while. SO THERE YOU GO CHANGE CABLE! I had a spare printer cable& it worked its a lot thicker so it must obviously make a difference.aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  15. Thanks Fahad – you saved my day!

    As mentioned in fahad’s post – I just changed the usb cable with the blackberry cable and worked fine. No more error code 43 – thanks a lot!!

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