iPhone Sync Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar with iPhone Contacts and Calendar

Google has finally decided to offer a fully functional syncing system that allows users to sync their Google accounts with their mobile devices, such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device. Sync functionality with my Google account is something that I’ve been looking for ever since I’ve I got my iPhone. I’ve tried a few other 3rd party options over the past year or so, none of which was really “fluid” in the way that it worked.

That’s the best part about the new Google Mobile Sync functionality. It is truly fluid and works seemlessly once it is setup. The Push capability makes it a breeze, and I love the security knowing that when I add a new contact on my phone it is immediately Pushed to my Gmail account, and vice versa, when I add a contact in Gmail, it is available on my phone next time I look at my contact list. Before you sync to your Google account for the first time, you may want to export your your current contact list from Outlook, iCal or whatever. My problem was that my Gmail contact list wasn’t quite the same as my iPhone/Outlook contact list, so what I did was import my exported list into Gmail. This added all of the “missing contacts” from into my Google Account.

Here are a few things that I’ve noticed so far:

  • This is just great!

iPhone Google Sync

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  1. Hi, this is Chris, from Hong Kong. I’ve just read the above post; that’s also my needs. Could you share your sync procedure experience ? Thks a lot.

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