Problems with Google Mobile Sync for iPhone

As much as I love the new Google Mobile Sync for my iPhone, there are a couple problems that I’ve come across. Well, they’re not necessarily problems, but they’re “features” that I might like to see added.

Syncing to iPhone
This is when I add contacts in Gmail and they are Pushed to my iPhone.


  • Contact photo gets pushed to iPhone


  • Nowhere to add birthday
  • Deleting a contact in Gmail doesn’t remove it from my iPhone

Syncing to Gmail
This is when I add new contacts in my iPhone and they are pushed to Gmail. I love the fact that when adding contacts on the iPhone, you can typically put in all information immediately, including a photo.


  • Automatically backs up new contacts to Gmail. No need to sync to your computer anymore.


  • Does not push contact photo to Gmail
  • Does not push contact birthday to Gmail
  • Deleting a contact from my iPhone doesn’t delete it from my Gmail contacts

Other than these few minor “problems” there is not really anything else that needs to be added. I love the features and functionality of google mobile sync. Stay tuned for my review of how to sync your iPhone calendar to two or more Google Calendars.

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