iPhone 3.0 Software Release Date – Copy & Paste Is Finally Here!

After literally YEARS of waiting, the folks at Apple have finally decided to begin offering support for cut and paste in the new version of the Apple iPhone 3.0 software update. In addition to the support for copy and paste, there are a whole slew of other new features being offered, many of which include support for 3rd party devices.

So now that it’s almost here, what will be the first thing that you copy and paste once you install the new version of the iPhone 3.0 firmware?

14 thoughts on “iPhone 3.0 Software Release Date – Copy & Paste Is Finally Here!”

  1. How can it be ‘literally YEARS’ of waiting when the original iPhone was released less than 2 years ago? It would be ‘literally’ 1 year and 9 months when the announcement was made. If you’re going to say that something is literal, then it has to be exacty what you say it is. That’s the whole point of the word literal.

  2. LOL You tell him spicuo! So when is the release date? I haven’t surfed for it much so it might be just a click away but I just had to laugh at Drew ^_^

  3. Maybe when “literal years” was said, the author wasn’t counting the waiting by one user, but by multiple users, validating the use of the word “literally”.

  4. Ok spencer don’t wanna start a fight or anything but if you go and search for the video the release of the 3.0 software iphone. They will tell you that the 1st and 2st gen iphones or supported. The only thing is that with the 1st gen you will not have mms or sterio bluetooth. that only comes with the 2gen. Just wanted to let you know.

  5. The 3.0 update is said to be released sometime in June. I have also read that it was to be released in march, then pushed to may 15th, now pushed to June due to the overwhelming interst by app developers. Apple got more than they bargained for and are now having to push the date back to fix bugs and make it fully ready for release. (things I have put together while surfing different sites) and no I cannot “cite” my findings, just hop on google… And please no stupid comments and/or litteral terms and technicalities please…

  6. It is out there. It is in beta right now but it is out there. just look around a little. youtube is the best place to find info on this stuff.

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