Sabon NYC – The Place To Be!

I’ve got a friend who lives in New York City and always absolutely raves about Sabon products. To be completely honest, being a man, I have never really put too much importance on taking care of myself through “pampering”, but after one visit to the store with my good friend, she has changed my mind about “beauty products”, if you’d call it that when a man is using them.

Anyways, after the first visit, I found myself leaving the shop with a bag full of products from the Sabon gentlemen’s section, including shaving cream, aftershave, and cleanser (which I use on my face). The thing I like most about these 3 products that I use is the ingredients. They all contain white tea oil, shea butter and coconut oil which serve to clean, detoxify, purify and really just help refresh you.

Now, I haven’t yet become daring enough to go into the store and purchase a huge jar of a pink Lavendar Apple Body Scrub, but my friend keeps trying to convince me to try the Body Scrubs. Thus far, I’ve been able to keep her happy with the fact that I use all of the Sabon gentelmens products (shaving cream, after shave and cleanser), but recently, I come across the Sabon website –, which made it difficult for me to tell my friend that I don’t want to buy body scrubs because it’s embarassing for me (a male) to walk into the store and ask for a big pink bottle.

Well, you can probably guess where this story is going, I ended up ordering one online and it has been the best thing on earth! My skin is so soft!!! I never thought I’d hear myself say those words (or type those words) but I am sold on Sabon, and now on their body scrubs.

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