Specialize Equipment & Utility Trucks

Finding distributors of specialized equipment is never an easy task, knowing where to start your search is usually the toughest part. That’s where Asher Equipment comes in. Al Asher & Sons has all of your specialized equipment needs, including:

  • Trucks
    Boom trucks, Bucket trucks, Winch trucks, Cable Take-up trucks, Digger Derrick, and Underbridge Inspection trucks
  • Underground Cable Pullers
    Sewer Rodders, Cable Choppers, Cable Scrappers, Reel Loaders, Winch Trucks, Cable Trailers, Reel Trailers, Pole Trailers, Tensioners, and Hogg Pullers
  • Cranes
    Pitman and Stinger cranes

Not only does Asher carry all of these specialized equipment items, but they also provide sales, rentals and parts and service. Asher isn’t narrow-minded when it comes to selection either, they carry specialized equipment from a large number of manufacturers, such as: Altec, Hi-Ranger, Hogg-Davis, National Crane, OK Champion, Pitman Crane, RO Stinger Crane, Sherman-Reilly, Standard Trailer, Teco, Telsta, Terex, TSE, Vactor, Versalift.

Though Asher is based out of the Los Angeles area, that shouldn’t deter you from considering them as a viable option because Asher can deliver specialized equipment sales nationwide. Additionaly, specialized equipment purchased from Asher qualifies for warranty protection, even reconditioned equipment comes with a conditional warranty – that should help in buyer confidence.

When it comes to purchasing utility trucks and other specialized equipment, the cost can often make or break the deal because specialized equipment almost always tends to be a high dollar item. The great thing about Asher is that they offer financing on their sales. Not only do they provide financing, but they also assist with loan applications, finance strategies and locating competitive rates – because lets face it, the best interest rate on financed items might not always be the first option. Asher uses established contacts at banks and finance companies to help land competitive rates for their customers.

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