WordPress 2.8 Error – Call to undefined method WordPress_Module::_weak_escape()

I’ve successfully upgraded my WordPress blog, and the WordPress blogs of a few of my friends, but one of them gets the following error:

Call to undefined method WordPress_Module::_weak_escape()

Has anybody encountered this? I found one solution that suggested disabling redirection, but how do you do this when you can’t even access your blog?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. The weak_escape() errors its caused by Redirection plugin. Deactivate it or Download the latest versiĆ³n and everythin will run ok again.

  2. I encountered the same problem. You can delete the redirect plugin folder on your server or rename it. I renamed the folder old redirection and that did the trick. Hope this helps.

  3. I updated one of my blog 2.7 to 2.8 and had same problem. My solution; I replaced wp-db.php file with 2.7 version on server. Then everything work fine. Update redirection plugin and put original file in “/wp-includes”…

  4. Yep! I had the same problem too.

    However, I am reading on the redirection website that the plugin has been upgraded and you should not encounter this problem.

    I was worried I would not be able to use the redirection plugin for my site anymore. But its all good now!!

  5. The Redirection Plug in was the issue. After upgrading, I was unable to traverse my website including the admin page.

    I had to FTP to my website, rename the redirection plug-in to redirection.old and walaa fixed.

    I will research the new version of the plug in.

  6. Thanks for the help on this one. I changed the redirection plugin name. Then I was able to login, upgrade the plugin and all is well.

    – Ryan

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