Enabling Nike+ on iPhone 3G

It has been announced that the iPhone 3GS will support the Nike+ application and will allow workouts to be tracked and sent to Nike.com, but for some reason, Apple has decided to not allow this feature on the iPhone 3G, even with the 3.0 software update, Apple has decided to keep this functionality available only to the iPhone 3GS users.

It is my mission to find a way to enable the Nike+ application on my iPhone 3G, and when I find a solution, you can be sure that I’ll post it here. If anyone has any input, please feel free to comment.

16 thoughts on “Enabling Nike+ on iPhone 3G”

  1. Please do. I have the new phone and it works great but my wife still has the 3g and would love to have this. I really do not want to have to buy a 3Gs for that.

  2. Why not just use the Runkeeper app? There’s a free and a Pro version. Plus you don’t have to pay for the extra Nike equipment.

  3. There is no way to enable it on the 3G because its a hardware thing, the 3GS has an RF chip inside which communicates with the sensor… the same chip is found in the second generation ipod touch. without this chip which is absent in the iphone 3G it will never work. sorry

  4. True, but I have the dongle and watch which I used with my iTouch and would love to be able use the Nike + with my 3G phone and be able to control it with the watch. You don’t need the built in chip of you have the dongle.

  5. Agreed about runkeeper. I use it all the time, but there are times when you cannot get a GPS signal or it is very weak (dense downtown areas, indoors, etc). In that case, I’d love to utilize the nike+ with my iPhone 3G to supplement Runkeeper.

  6. seriously i bought the nike+ in hopes of tracking my runs… nope didn’t read the fine print about the stupid 3GS…. i wonder, can you buy the reciever for the nano and use with the 3G? if so plllleeeassse let me know, so i don’t have to result to ebay to get rid of the stupid sensor. next time i’ll just have to read the fine stinkin print.

  7. Hi All, after extensive research & failed hacks, it looks like we aren’t ever going to be able to use Nike+ with the iPhone 3G. Here’s the reason, Apple has built into the firmware a feature that won’t allow the dongle to be used (the plug that is used in the nano). The iPhone 3GS has a transmitter built in, so it doesn’t require the dongle.

    We’re basically at the mercy of Apple on this one, we’ll have to wait for them to open up the iPhone firmware to be compatible with the dongle, otherwise we’re just out of luck and will have to continue to use programs such as RunKeeper to log our runs.

  8. Runkeeper is not a work-around.
    I have the 3g iphone but not a data plan. Everywhere I go has free wifi!
    So I dont have GPS enabled.
    Plus I often run in a gym on a treadmill, so I want to keep track of my jogs that way.

    I’m sure there is a way….Apple just blocked it!
    They’re sneaky that way!

  9. This is just unbelievable! How can a $100 Nano work with the sensor but not my $500 IPhone 3G. I hate having to use more then 2-3 devices to do multiple things. I Guess the IPhone has failed at being the only device needed in the modern day world Apple Advertising Team!! Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

  10. Please check blogs on mymojo. There is instruction how to get Nike+ working with 3G.

    I did not yet try it, but will for sure do in future.

  11. My next phone will be a HTC withe Runkeeper, Apple behaves very arugante and mafian when it comes to customer service…amazing.

  12. Hey peepz! Use Adidas MiCoach. Alot better than the Nike+ and its free, aslong as you have an Iphone 3g(minimum) you can record your runs and it also has a system like Nike where the information is sent to your micoach account on adidas. http://www.micoach.com

    Plus no dongle needed!!!

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