Customize Your WordPress Blog Homepage

Most of us have seen many of the WordPress sites that are using highly custom, or even premium WordPress themes, and the one thing that most of these sites have in common is the fact that they all have highly customized homepages. The problem with most free themes is that the homepage is basically just a longer version of a post page, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore

UnmatchedStyle.comoptical amplifier has put together a great tutorial on how to customize your homepage – 4 Quick Tweaks for Your WordPress Homepage.

I obviously haven’t applied any of these techniques on my homepage yet, but when my hosting contract runs up in November, I’ll be looking to revamp this website and modify a custom theme with the suggestions in the tutorial from Unmatched Style.

Take a look, if you happen to tweak your site using their techniques, post a link about it here, I’d love to see the results of some theme customizations.

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