Jailbreaking/Unlocking iPhone 3G OS 3.0 – I Now See the Light

As long as I’ve had an iPhone, I had never really seen the need to jailbreak it. Recently, I purchased the new iPhone 3GS and I have very new iPhone 3G that I had just gotten for Christmas. I know that the iPhone 3G is now selling for $99, so I looked on eBay and found that Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhone 3G’s are selling for $200-$300, sometimes up to $350. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a little bit of extra cheddar, I quickly downloaded Quickpwn (on my Mac) and let the jailbreaking commence. The entire process was extremely simple, Quickpwn takes all of the guesswork our of jailbreaking/unlocking your iPhone.

I now have an unlocked iPhone 3G, and I will probably be unlocking my new iPhone 3GS very soon. Does anybody have any reason not to unlock/jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS (other than the fact that it voids the Apple warranty)?

I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Jailbreaking/Unlocking iPhone 3G OS 3.0 – I Now See the Light”

  1. How much are you selling it for? I’m looking for a budget iPhone to use with T-Mobile. The market is brutal.

  2. Make an offer if you’d like, but my original plans were just to post it on eBay (because of the fact that the market is brutal) and see how much I can get for it. I’ll post a link in this post once I add it to eBay.

  3. Typically, when you jailbreak and unlock an iPhone particularly with qucikpawn, i have noticed, random crashes, and out of the box functionality just not working as anticipated.

    This is mostly due to: installing non-approved app’s. They are unapproved as they haven’t gone through the rigorous memory/cpu/performance tests that all iTunes endorsed apps go through.

    So basically you end up with a screwed up iPhone and a lot of the joy is gone.

    What version o/s was the 3G?

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