Runs Not Syncing to Nike+ Plus from iPod/iTunes/iPhone

If it wasn’t for Nike+ Plus, I wouldn’t run at all. The fact that I can have some sort of geeky tech toy with me when I run makes all the difference in the world for me. The only problem is that recently, my runs have not been syncing with when I connect my iPod or iPhone to iTunes after going for a run.

I haven’t changed the way that I do anything, I always used to just plug in my iPod when I returned from a run, and the run data would be automatically sent to, but within the past few months, I’ve noticed sporadic problems with run data not being sent/synced to from iTunes.

Has anyone encountered this same problem? Here are some of the specs of the hardware and software I’m using:

  • I’ve had the problem on both my PC and my Mac computer.
  • I’ve had the problem with both my iPod Nano and my iPhone.
  • I use Firefox on both my PC and my Mac, however, I still have the same problem when using Internet Explorer on my PC and when I use Safari on my Mac. I went as far as changing my PC’s default browser to Internet Explorer and my Mac’s default browser to Safari. Neither seemed to fix anything.
  • I have the most recent version of iTunes on both machines – iTunes 9.1

7 thoughts on “Runs Not Syncing to Nike+ Plus from iPod/iTunes/iPhone”

  1. Hi! Have you heard any answers regarding this issue? I actually have the same problem. The last time iTUnes actually sent data to on my runs was sept 26. nothing’s been uploaded since then.

  2. I wish I had the answer. I’ve been having the same problem. I have an iPhone 3GS and a Mac. Everything used to work fine.

  3. I am having the same problem no synching since end of October. I have rebuilt my imac since then and wonder if it has something to do with that?

  4. I’m having the same problem since mid February and I haven’t changed anything with my PC. This is definitely a technical glitch at their end. It is very disappointing because it’s such a morale booster to track your progress. Fed up.

  5. I am having the same problems. However, it is with a new sensor. I agree, it is a morale booster to be able to see your runs! So sad that it is not working. I am trying to communicate with someone at Nike+ right now. I will post if anything comes of it.

  6. Hi Anne – that’s gotta just be a problem linking the new sensor. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll get it to work… in fact… you’re probably out running right now.

  7. I am having the same issue with nike+ gps app. It says x runs have not been synced… and let me try again. but never works. It might be business issue between nike and iphone. At least now people can run without a nike+ sensor. So may be nike didn’t like this I think.

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