Google GDrive File Backup and Shared Storage with Other Google Services

I’ve recently been looking into off-site storage and backup solutions for both personal and business data. There are many free options out there that offer up to 2GB of data, which is nice for storing some working files and/or current projects, but that isn’t even close to enough storage space for most of us when we consider all of the music, pictures, videos and other media that we all have to store and backup.

I had heard a lot of stuff about Google’s GDrive back in late 2008 and early 2009, but all the talk and hype seems to have faded away. I couldn’t help but think about it recently when I received an email from Google about storage space and the new low cost that they are offering. Google is now offering 200GB of storage for $50/year, plus they’re going to throw in a free EyeFi card. Could this be a sign of things to come? Is it possible that Google would be offering a first look at GDrive to it’s paying customers? My guess is yes, but as with Apple, it is always impossible to speculate what Google is going to do.

Purchasing storage space from Google is nice, because it will be shared across all of your accounts (Picasa, Gmail, etc). Here are their new pricing options for additional storage space:

Select a plan:

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