Apple Table Release Date Announcement & Projected Name: iTablet, iSlate, iPad

When I got into the office this morning, I noticed that Apple stock price had jumped nearly 5%. Upon doing a little bit of research, I noticed that there is a planned announcement of  a new device in the near future, the Apple tablet – which has a host of potential nicknames, including the iTablet, the iSlate or the iPad. Whatever name Apple chooses to use for the new tablet, there is one thing for certain – it will probably revolutionize the way that tablet PC’s work.

I’m sure that Apple has probably spent a ton of time researching the best way for a tablet PC to operate and I’m more than certain that the Apple tablet will be like nothing we’ve seen before, just like the iPhone when it was initially released.

It is said that the Apple tablet will have the potential to revitalize the newspaper industry by allowing digital or virtual subscriptions. The Apple tablet will also have the potential to push the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook out of the marketplace because it will be so much more powerful, though the price tag will also be a lot higher than that of the Kindle or Nook.

Whatever the new Apple tablet does, one thing is for certain… it will add to Apple’s already great line of consumer devices.

2 thoughts on “Apple Table Release Date Announcement & Projected Name: iTablet, iSlate, iPad”

  1. There’s no way this device will have the ‘i’ in front of it. Apple does not want this device compared to an iPhone or iBook. Like you said, Apple wants this to be like nothing you’ve seen before!

  2. Tom Jack –

    Thanks for the comment, however, looks like you’re wrong. It has officially been released as the iPad. Looks pretty cool, not sure exactly how useful it’d be though.

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