iPhone OS Software 3.2 Release Date With iPad Features?

With the announcement of the iPad and the scheduled launch in March, this will bring the new iPhone OS 3.2. Since the iPad runs on the iPhone OS, the release of the iPad will almost certainly coincide with the release of the iPhone OS 3.2 software.

If you’re looking to update your iPhone before everyone else gets to, sign up for the developer program. Unlike past iPhone OS releases, I have not heard anything about the new features. Has anyone heard any information about the new iPhone 3.2 OS features? Anything new and exciting?

21 thoughts on “iPhone OS Software 3.2 Release Date With iPad Features?”

  1. I’ve been looking everywhere and researching this and have not found anything regarding a release date of 3.2 for iPhone, but… I would guess it will not be released on the day the iPad becomes available as it would impact sales of the device. Why would anyone buy an iPad if they could get most of the features (apart from the bigger screen) by just upgrading the OS on their current device.

  2. @ Matrix.

    Obviously you don’t think. Different hardware run software differently. Does an iPod have the same capabilities as an iPhone? No, an iPod cannot make calls while an iPhone can. See what I did there? I just proved you know nothing when it comes to technology.

  3. I think you just proved you have a problem understanding english and have nothing to contribute to this post.

  4. I think it’s you who has the problem understanding english. Ever hear of a run-on sentence, moron? I think not. Go back to elementary school where everyone else who had a brain learned to use proper punctuation.

  5. iPhone will skip OS 3.2 and go directly to 4.0 which I downloaded the SDK for today. It has all the nice development features from the iPad OS 3.2 including coretext, coremedia and corevideo, which were private API’s until now. Sounds like 4.0 will be available to the public when the new iPhone is announced in june/july (fall according to Apple).

  6. Just looked in here and found it was just a bunch of kids seeing who could swear the most. Undead, you realy need to get out more! Dont bother to reply to me, I wont be coming back!

  7. First off, pab, I don’t care if you don’t come back. Faggots like you are why the internet is so boring nowadays. I rarely stay indoors. As for the rumored 4.0 jump Apple’s to make, that is total bullshit. The iPads, which recently came out, are running a _3.2 BETA_. Which, if matrix knew anything about software developement, means that 3.2 is to be released for the other iDevices once the bugs are found and fixed. Honestly, kid, learn more about life and come back. Then, and only then, will I consider your opinion to be of value. Back to Apple’s OS “jump”. If Apple were to make this “jump”, wouldn’t the iPads be running an iPhone OS 4.0 Beta and not a 3.2 Beta? It’s just common sense, which is severely lacking nowadays.

  8. Undead… you are a talentless troll and your completely wrong. The next major OS release for iphone will be 4. I already have the beta installed on one of my ipod touches. OS 4 will be the OS where the iphones and the ipad are running the same version and finally allow universal apps. Having developed over 20 iphone OS apps I feel I’m slightly more qualified to post here than some bigot with an attitude problem. Maybe you should stick to youtube and leave your inane comments on there and let the real men who can actually write software talk here. I agree with you on the common sense bit though.

  9. Ha, no beta for 4.0 has been released. If it had been, you’d bet I’d have it. But sadly, I don’t, therefore it can’t be possible for some faggot who can’t even use spell check to correct his mistakes. And I doubt the same faggot could be capable of developing 20 iPhone OS apps. That notion alone is laughable, to say the least.

  10. Oh and one more thing, 3.2’s release date for the other iDevices is rumored to coincide with the release of the iPhone 4G.

  11. dude- could you please just get off this thread since you are incapable of posting anything useful, at least matrix gave me some actual information. I came here to read about people’s opinions on release dates, not about how you somehow believe that the 4.0 beta isn’t out yet (which it is).

  12. It isn’t out for the public, just the money hungry morons who thoughtlessly throw more money towards Apple. The 3.2 beta, which is currently only for the iPad, is out to the masses. THAT is the type of beta I’m talking about. And obviously, you can’t read without getting pissy about MY thoughts and feelings about the concept of a large jump like matrix is gabbing about, I said in a previous post that 3.2 is speculated to be released alongside the iPhone 4G, or were you to antsy to post a witless retort to notice that?

  13. @ Undead_Is_A_Faggot. Wow. nice name. Did you come up with that by yourself? Or did mommy help you seeing as you’re lazy and can’t spell properly, I’m guessing it was the latter of the two. Not to mention the wikipedia page you posted is one I have read countless times. Additionally, wikipedia can’t be trusted 100% as people have the power to make an account and edit the page to fuck with people. And Tom. If I were you, I’d refrain from using racial slurs until you know more about people. My insults however, are plausible and logical seeing as a post can reveal the true intellect behind such a post. And the only flamers here are the ones who put faggot into their names, trying to say that they dislike a person. Faggot doesn’t mean someone undesireable, even though faggots are undesireable, but rather means a bundle of sticks, a cigarette, or a queer, like Undead_Is_A_Faggot. But back to business, once again, Apple’s decision to release betas of 3.2 and 4.0 are to try to see which one will be more widely received. While 3.2 is CURRENTLY only for the iPad, and 4.0 is for all other iDevices, speculation does show a majority of people like 4.0, but some, like me, are aprehensive because many of the rumored features will be unavailable to our iDevice. And before some moron says, “That’s what you get for going with the original”, I happen to have the MC model of the iPod Touch 2G. That still means the much talked about multi-tasking function will not work.

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