Drunk Dialing is Fun, Here’s a Number to Call When You’re Drinking

Almost all of us have been guilty of doing it. And depending on the hour, most of us hate it when it happens to us. You all know what I’m talking about… Drunk Dialing. It can’t be explained, but for some reason after too much beer or liquor, it always seems like a good idea to call people, sometimes people you haven’t talked to in years, or even people you haven’t ever talked to. Well if you ever have the need to drunk dial again, call The SofaKing, he is ready and willing to accept your drunk dials, and if you don’t want to get charged for long distance, just punch in your phone number and you’ll be connected free of charge. You can’t beat that! So next time you’re in the mood to drunk dial someone, make that someone The SofaKing – (530) SOFA-KNG – Call him up and leave him a voicemail.

Or, have The SofaKing call you:

Your info is safe with The SofaKing

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