Create a Website for your Business with is a great place to create a website for your small business and the main reason that I say its great is because it’s free and easy to setup! With, you don’t need any sort of experience in creating websites. has many pre built templates that allow you to create a website for your small business that actually fits in with your target market.

One of the most beneficial features of using to create your small business website is that you’ll get access to statistics about your visitors. Statistics and visitor data can be very beneficial when trying to learn about your target market and optimize your ROI.

Some other features of that you’ll find very useful if you are a small business owner are:

  • E-commerce Sales
    Sell your products online and collect payment through either PayPal or Google Checkout. You add your products and set the prices.
  • Communicate with your Customers through Blogs and Forums
    Let your customers interact on forums and blog comments. See what they have to say!
  • Email News Updates
    Send out newsletters with updates on your latest happenings.

If you’re looking to get a small business website for free, then you should definitely check out today.

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