iPhone OS 4.0 Official Release Date, Features and iPhone Multitasking

It’s official… iPhone users will finally be granted the long awaited feature of multitasking. This has got to be the single most requested item and the single item that keeps most BlackBerry users from switching to the “all powerful” iPhone. The thing that sucks about the OS 4.0 update is that 3G users will not be fully supported – OS 4.0 will install, but features such as multitasking will not work. There was no mention of the 1st generation iPhone (2G) which may not be supported at all – still waiting on word from Apple.

Here are some of the other features of the iPhone firmware 4.0 update:

  • Multitasking / Background Apps
  • iAd
  • iBooks
  • Unified Inbox
  • New Drag & Drop UI

Will the summer release date of the iPhone OS 4.0 make you wait to jailbreak your iPhone if you haven’t jailbroken it yet? Which new iPhone OS 4.0 features are you most excited about.

And finally, the thing you all want to know about is the official release date of the iPhone 4.0 OS… I don’t have the official date, but I’ve always been a good predictor, I’m going Tuesday, June 8th as the official date. Just a guess, Apple will have to prove me wrong.

5 thoughts on “iPhone OS 4.0 Official Release Date, Features and iPhone Multitasking”

  1. Hi I., I noticed your reply to a windows 7 problem on another thread.
    We have the same problem. Windows 7 destroys external hard drives, but you mentioned an RC1 fix. I have no idea what this is, as I am techstupid. ANY HELP would be very appreciated, as I’m getting nowhere fast with this. So far, three drives are labeled as corrupted, unread, or bad files… Happens to each drive after a few weeks or days… ARGHHH!

  2. Paul, this isn’t the thread to ask questions to another topic. But to business, while Apple may have 4.0 betas floating around, 3.2 is the next installment in it’s OS lineage. The release date, which has been rumored to be such, is to coincide with the release of the iPhone 4G this summer.

  3. You said 3G users will not be able to multi-task even if they update to 4.0, does that also apply to 3GS users? I currently have a 3GS iphone with firmware 3.1.3. Thanks, ahead of time, for your answer.

  4. Hi Robin –

    Multitasking is supposed to work with the 3GS, however it is said that it will not work on the original 3G model.

    Either way, the new iPhone is supposedly going to be great, so it might be a good time to upgrade.

  5. How about an ipad OS 4 release date. Apple said fall 2010, but when? I am waiting so I don’t have to pay to upgrade.

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