Paths don’t match – Google Sitemaps Error

So I’ve been trying to setup my site with Google Sitemaps and I’ve constantly been getting an error: Paths don’t match. I’ve read a few posts and forum notes saying that this is due to the site being setup in Google Sitemaps as and the URLs in the sitemap being submitted as (or vice versa). Some of the suggestions that I’ve read stated that you should try removing the site from Google Sitemaps, then re-adding it with (or without) the www. prefix on the site name. The problem I am having is this, I have www. in all of my sitemap links and in my site in Google Sitemaps. I’ve even tried deleting the site and resubmitting it. What gives? See the screenshot below for more details… any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to get around it?

Google Sitemap Error Update

After battling with the problem for a bit, I think I may have found a solution. Even though the input page already has a prefix such as – re-enter in the BLANK field. I don’t know why Google would make it so unclear, but this seems to fix it. See image below:

Google Sitemap Error Update 2

The above “Update” solution didn’t work. Don’t try it.

Google Sitemap Error Update 3

I found a couple solutions where people mentioned going from a TXT DNS record to a META tag or uploading an HTML file. I just added a META tag to my site… stay tuned to hear if it worked or not. Thanks for the comment RickFu!

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  1. In case that doesn’t work, over on Google Webmaster Central someone switched to using a META tag verification of the site instead of the other method and it seemed to work for him.

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