Save Money on a New Keyless Entry Remote

In today’s economy, most people are trying to save money any way that they can, and I’m not different. I recently found out that I needed to replace the keyless entry system on my car because the original key fob that came with my car just stopped working. The dealership wanted over $100 for the key / keyless entry clicker. I was fortunately able to find the same key with keyless entry clicker built into it for just $35.99 after doing a little searching online!

If you ever need a car keys replacement, make sure you check out – they specialize in replacement keys, replacement key fobs and replacement keyless entry systems for what seems to be every year, make and model car that I could think of. And looking through their list of makes and models that they have keys and key fobs for, I’d think that if there is a car that they don’t have on their list, they’d probably be able to get one for you… just email them and ask!

So whether you’ve lost your key or your key fob, or maybe you just want to have a backup (or backups) around the house, you should definitely check out next time you need keys!

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