Highest Single Word Score on Words With Friends

Now that Words With Friends for the iPhone (WWF) has grown to have a cult following, many people play just to see how big they can score on a single word. Don’t get me wrong… I personally still play to win, but I’ve been known to drop a 100+ point bomb on occasion. Some of my highest scoring words (that I recall) were:

  • JEEP – 118 points
  • QUINOA – 144 points
  • JEHU – 114 points
  • JOSS – 111 points
  • ZONE – 102 points
  • GEEZ – 105 points

I haven’t done the math to figure out what the highest possible word score would be while playing Words With Friends, so I’m hoping that someone will put their best guess in the comments below. What are your highest single word scores in Words With Friends?

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  1. I got 158 for czardom (the M was on a TL, connected to the letter I, the O was connected to P, the D was on a TL, I used all 7 letters on a TW).

  2. The other day I played the word, Deckings for 137 points, that’s my 2nd highest since I started playing in october 2010.
    My highest word score ever was for 155 points, I spelled the word, Andover, for 155 points, also recently spelled the word Friz for 99 points!

  3. Played Gauze on a TW with the Z on a TL – 111 Points. My highest witch is pretty good for only playing for about a month

  4. I played squeezers for 495 points

    i have also had words worth over 100 points at least 10 times

  5. 143 for “pintsize”, horizontally from lower left TW. the second “i” was already there.

  6. 132 pt for joined, with j on the TL and N on the TW, which created another word yean. :)

  7. I once got 485 points for the word quartzite, its on facebook if u want to check it out.

  8. JESTERS for 113. Had to play two hands using one “throw away” letter, until I got the second “E”. I was very worried my opponent would take the slot, but he didn’t.

  9. ok, I played Mansions. I played it on top of an existing word runing horizontally containing an S. I play Mansion Verticaaly ending in the existing S spelling mansions. the Game moved my word without the S to the top right hand corner of the Board and scored me 413 points…..Was this a glitch???

  10. LATEX for 117. Hit a TL on the X and a TW overall. Also got ME and EX in that combination.

  11. I just pulled off 155 points for BOOZERS – hooked the S onto the end of STOIC and got a triple letter for the Z and a triple word, plus the bingo bonus. Could have been worth 167 but the B was a blank.

  12. Impressive. Still trying to break the 100 point mark. But came close with ‘jest’ for 99 points.

  13. Destiny for 94 points

    Ghazi for 102

    but my best is using one letter “s” connecting on a dw both were sizeable words which got me a hefty 97 points for one letter lol.

  14. I got zithers for for 126 it played triple letter on z and double word it also played the “s” on aquas and I got the bonus for using all the letters

  15. I got quakers for 264. Used the triple “Q” twice and got glamour pluraled with my s. I kicked my opponents booty

  16. 140 with “GLAZED” TL on “Z” and TW on “G”
    I usually only get to about 60 max so this was impressive for me.

  17. Played sextons for 1660 on a random tile board. 4 tripple words 2double words and a tripple letter 😀

  18. 166 points on “Squinch” and “Ions” Q and I on TL and the whole word was TW. plus got the bonus 35 for using all 7 words

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