Highest Single Word Score on Words With Friends

Now that Words With Friends for the iPhone (WWF) has grown to have a cult following, many people play just to see how big they can score on a single word. Don’t get me wrong… I personally still play to win, but I’ve been known to drop a 100+ point bomb on occasion. Some of my highest scoring words (that I recall) were:

  • JEEP – 118 points
  • QUINOA – 144 points
  • JEHU – 114 points
  • JOSS – 111 points
  • ZONE – 102 points
  • GEEZ – 105 points

I haven’t done the math to figure out what the highest possible word score would be while playing Words With Friends, so I’m hoping that someone will put their best guess in the comments below. What are your highest single word scores in Words With Friends?

124 thoughts on “Highest Single Word Score on Words With Friends”

  1. 185 points for “azimuth” – with the “Z” and the “M” on triple letter scores, and the “H” on the triple word score, as well as the 35 point bonus for using all seven tiles. (possible only on the four edges of the board)

  2. Just played CHEQUE ofr 138 points. I have also played CROZE for 111 points. If you are good, add me on FB Nicholas Reyes. Message me saying ‘WWF’ so i Know.

  3. Ok, so I’m a regular player and so far my highest score was 106 for quad. I just played “squared”, with a q on a tl, and scored a 160!!! I was so happy:) I took 2 pics to celebrate that moment!!!

  4. I played Jolt+jo, the J was on a triple letter (which counted twice because it was two words), the T was on a Triple Word. 133 points! My husband was not happy. 😀

  5. I played relaxant yesterday with x on tripple letter hit a dw and tw the only thing showing was the n next to the tw. I used all my tiles and the score was 233 unfortunately it was against my wife so she got mad :-) We took a pic and I stalled the game for now to show everyone.

  6. Just got 163!!!
    Jaegers along bottom right.
    Pluralized ooze to oozes.
    (j landed on triple word!!)

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