How Halo Reach Assists Are Calculated

For everyone who has played Halo Reach multiplayer matchmaking, most of us are curious as to how the Assists in the game are calculated. There are times where I know I’ve done mass damage on an opponent and a teammate steps in and finishes the job, but for some reason, I don’t get an assist. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way because I’ve seen posts on Xbox forums and the forums. After doing a little bit of research, here’s the best explanation of Halo Reach assists that I could come up with.

Halo Reach Assists

  • If you do damage greater than or equal to 60%, you get an assist
  • If you do damage less than 60%, you will not get an assist

Considering the above, this makes a bit of sense and explains why assists aren’t given out very often, or as often as we’d like them to be, in Halo Reach. Let’s say 3 teammates are shooting 1 opponent, all do equal damage at 33.333% – only one will get the kill and the other 2 will get no recognition. Is the Halo Reach assist system flawed? I believe it is, as do 95% of the Halo players.

In my opinion, Assists should be handed out like candy. If you put a bullet in a guy or do any type of damage to him and a teammate kills him off (within 5 seconds), you should get an assist. Because, by the definition of “assist”, you did help your teammate get that kill because he didn’t have to do 100% of the damage.

Here’s some points/changes that I think should be made to the Halo Reach assist system.

  • Should multiple players be able to get an assist for a kill?
    Yes. This currently isn’t possible if the above mentioned 60% rule is in fact how assists are calculated.
  • Should assists be limited by a percentage of damage done?
    No. If you do damage, you are assisting. Give an assist.
  • Does LeBron James agree with this?
    Yes. LeBron James is all about assists. He wants all the stats that he can get, and so do we.

2 thoughts on “How Halo Reach Assists Are Calculated”

  1. For sure. you hit a fool and he’s killed before his health is restored, you should get an assist.

    Also, I think the person who has done the most damage to an enemy should be the one that gets the kill. Everyone else gets the assist. That would totally eliminate the whole “kill stealing” thing.

  2. That would prevent “kill stealing”. Bungie’s current definition of “assist” should actually be a kill. If you do 60% or more of the damage, you should get cred for the kill and the other who do damage should get the assist… YO!!!

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