Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Release Date/Time

I know we’re all playing way too much Halo since Reach has been released, but the next thing that is going to feed that craving is the release of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack (maybe Nobel Map Pack). The official release date of the Noble Map Pack is November 30, 2010, but what time will they be released? 12am has come and gone, so what is the official release time of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack? Well, we’re about to tell you.

The highly anticipated Halo Reach Noble Map Pack will be released on November 30th, 2010 at 6am PST.

That’s the best educated guess that you’ll find on the internet. Hopefully we’re within 3 hours (+/- 12 hours).

Let me know once you get your Noble Map Pack so I can log on and pwn you!!!

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