Localscope Knows if Your iPhone is Jailbroken, and if the App is Stolen

This was sent in from a reader and raises some questions about our privacy.

I have a jailbroken phone and oftentimes, I’ll download a jailbroken version of the app to try out before I purchase it in the app store. This is the one downfall of the Apple app store, most apps don’t have trials. Some have free or lite versions, but a majority must be purchased immediately if you want to use it. So anyways, back to the story. I read about a newer app called Localscope, so I downloaded a jailbroken version to test it and I was surprised with the following screen:

Jailbreaking your iOS device may be okay.

But not paying for apps is not cool.
Please stop supporting software piracy.

So this is kinda scary, right? Apple can tell if and when your device is jailbroken, but they can also tell when your running a jailbroken/”stolen” app. Not cool.

4 thoughts on “Localscope Knows if Your iPhone is Jailbroken, and if the App is Stolen”

  1. Hello America,
    I will take away all of your freedom and privacy. Let the government control your life. You are a stupid and ignorant nation and must be controlled by us. We are the ones that will decide your future…. not you. Keep accepting unemployment and remember who takes care of you.

    P.S. Happy st. patty’s day.


  2. Yeah, this is a real big issue. This means, that some apps have a lot of ways to access our phones without us knowing. How in the world would Apple let an app have the ability to read the phone registry to find out if it’s been jailbroken.

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