Netflix Servers Down – Instant & Online –

I tried to turn on Netflix today and was unable to connect to instant streaming through my xbox. It gave me an error message to look at and their website seems to be down too. You’d think that a company that large would have backup servers in place so that their streaming and web servers wouldn’t be down at the same time.

8 thoughts on “Netflix Servers Down – Instant & Online –”

  1. Netflix is not dependable. Too many problems and little followup when help is needed. An hour trying to get up a single movie is rediculous. If the technology is not in place or your people are not trained, dump the entire effort. You are creating ill will, even though you sell it at cheap cost. If fact, you should give this lousy service to people; even then it would be too much furustration,.

    Get it fixed!

  2. everytime i connect to netflicks from my tv i get an error msg saying-cannot connect to netflicks please try againl ater. I have a samssung tv. everything was fine until 4 days ago. I cn watch on my laptop but not the tv.

  3. Have a samsung smart tv. I cget a comment , cannot connect you netflix
    please try again or exit. However i have no probleme connecting to my laptop
    What is wrong

  4. I’m on a 1 month trial of netflix and only twice have we been able to get a movie between 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The screen reads Interference we can ‘t connect or Try Again. I have talked to persons at netflix who told me it was my TV wrong I brought in the Nerds from Best Buy who set it up and they went through it and followed every direction that your Help person instructed and the problem remains. I can get movies early and later like after 9:30. I hve written to you people without reply before. My time is up very shortly, once you gave me an extra day, I don’t want the extra days I want movies. If I don’t get a response or for you to fix the problem then I don’t want to proceed with my contract. I will not pay to watch movies in time slots that are not suitable to my tasks. I can be reached on my Cell phone 778-866-2274 or my home phone 604-535-0411 or via email. But, if I don’t get an answer I will shut down and advise you. I will also tell my friends that $8.00 is an excellent price if you can get a movie when you want it. Signed a Frustrated customer. It appears that the time between 7:00-9″00 p.m. is prime and you don’t have the necessary technology to deliver what you say you can.

  5. My husband broke his foot so we thought we would try netflix to pass his time with
    Netflix worked well for 3 weeks and about 5 days ago it started acting differently
    It is now difficult to view potential movies and when loading, error messages come up
    saying it is too slow, I went to Shaw and we have high speed and it has not changed in
    the last 4 days.
    It is almost time to decide if we will take netflix on as our movie choice
    If something does not change immediately so we can watch movies we will
    not be purchasing Netflix.

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