Symbolic Links Not Working in OS X Lion

I used to use symbolic links within Mac OS X Snow Leopard to point a few of the folders in my home directory to an external hard disk that I share with my PC (Music, Documents, Movies). Upon updating to OS X Lion, the Symbolic Links no longer work – they now show up as an alias (or as a PC style shortcut). This is frustrating because I can no longer select the “folders” when trying to save a file. I now have to go to my external disk and find the folder where I want to save my data/documents.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a work around?

4 thoughts on “Symbolic Links Not Working in OS X Lion”

  1. I’m also having this problem. Links work fine in the Finder, but in save dialogs they are greyed out.

    I haven’t found anything else about this specific problem on the internet, but I did find a few forum posts about people having problems with existing symlinks after updating.

  2. I can confirm this is happening to me as well, open/save dialogs do NOT follow symbolic links but instead show them greyed out. Lion seems to be intent on breaking lots of little conveniences I have used my unix days.

  3. I am having exactly the same problem, osx 10.7.2. At first I thought that the symlinks needed to be absolute paths, but that is not the case.

  4. Same problem on 10.7.3 – I’ve found that if you choose the ‘View as Columns’ option in the Finder open dialog you can manage to navigate through the symlink.

    Open/save dialog bug.

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