Notification System for New Albums and Concert Performances from Artists You Like

I have so many apps, programs, websites, tools, etc etc that I use related to music (I listed them out below).

But I’m still missing a functionality I really want… and that is: a notification system when an artist I follow is about to release new material, or is about to perform in my area! If anyone knows of something reliable that provides this data, I’d love to hear about it.

Muspy is supposed to tell when artists release new material, but its unreliable. It misses a lot of data, or sends it late, and duplicates data (for other country releases). has listings on artist performances, but its incomplete and hard to get at the data. It relies on artists/users to upload the information regarding tour dates. Also, it doesn’t have a notifcation system for when artists you like are coming to your area. You’re left with hoping you visit the artist’s page at the right time.

Here’s the things I’ve used related to music:

  • (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Pandora (web, mobile, desktop “OpenPandora”)
  • Grooveshark (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Spotify (desktop, mobile)
  • iPod (mobile)
  • iTunes (desktop)
  • Windows Media Player (desktop)
  • Youtube (web, mobile)
  • iHeartRadio (mobile, web)
  • iLike (mobile, web)
  • mySpace (web)
  • Muspy (web)
  • 8tracks (web)
  • AllMusic (web)
  • Playlistify (web)
  • Shazam (mobile)
  • Soundhound (mobile)
  • BingMusic (mobile)

Then there is of course, the more traditional avenues: FM radio, Satelite radio, Television, Concerts, and Coffee Shops.

It’s crazy how often and in how many different ways we have access to music! In another article, I’ll attempt to summarize everything that these tools are trying to accomplish, and every functionality one could possibly want related to music.

6 thoughts on “Notification System for New Albums and Concert Performances from Artists You Like”

  1. Whatup Bri. I agree, it would be amazing to have this. And I don’t get why iTunes doesn’t do it. They claim to, and I used to get emails with new album releases, but they were weeks after the release date.

    This is how you make money!!! By telling someone that you have something that they want! I don’t get it.

    Anyway, check out this Google search, there are a few resources.

  2. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for the google search. I’ve seen a few of those, but most sites didn’t look great… so i passed em by (if they can’t make a decent website, how the heck can I trust them to deliver good content to me).

    I just signed up on . Hoping for the best. Actually, I’m hoping someone that reads this already knows of one that works well… so I dont have to sign up for 50 different sites.

    The only reasons I can think of why this isn’t readily available is because the data is hard to get at, or requires more effort than companies are putting forth. Or its possible (fingers crossed) that there is a tool for this, but it just hasn’t yet been marketed well enough.

    If not, maybe we should start something! ;.)

  3. Yea, they do. 2 problems…. actually 3.

    Problem #1: Their app is no longer free, so I no longer use it.

    Problem #2: Even if it was free (or I paid for it), unless you happened to have listened to that artist in a station *AND* were watching your phone every time a song played… you’d miss seeing a lot of “On Tour” flags. Not to mention (except I am mentioning it ;.p), this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re playing in your area. You’d have to do more digging to find that out.

    Problem #3: (as mentioned in the article) The data for’s artists is user submitted… meaning if nobody cares to update the artist’s page with concert data… no one is gonna know about it. This probably is less likely to occur with bigger artists, but there’s been a couple times that I was going to see an artist in my area, and had made no mention of that show. And I would’ve been upset to miss those shows… they were some of the best shows I’ve been to!!

    Conclusion: Need a {notification system} when {artists you follow} (or listen to often) are {playing in your area}.

  4. There is an app for the iPhone called iConcert Cal. It syncs with the artists on your iTunes catalog and lists who is playing locally, among other options. It’s great, and I’ve been using it for a couple years now.

    Nothing like always knowing when Boyz To Men are headlining at the Canyon Club. :)

  5. Thanks for the recommendation! I checked it out, and it only had 3 out of 5 stars, so i read some reviews. Apparently everyone who has the newest version, it just instantly crashes now, and it seems the developer has abandoned the app ;.(

    So if it works for you… dont update it! ;.)

    However, one review led me to look at a competing app called Songkick. I’m checking that out now.

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