Mac OS X Lion Crashes When Using Google Chrome

I recently started encountering a problem with OS X Lion. I’m running a pretty sick Hackintosh setup that has always operated without problem. Then recently, out of nowhere, Google Chrome has suddenly started to cause my computer to crash. I get the gray screen prompting me to reboot my computer. Upon rebooting, if I open Google Chrome, my computer will crash again. If I leave Chrome closed and use Safari instead, everything runs fine. I know the simple solution is to stop using Google Chrome, but that’s not really a solution for me. I like Google Chrome. It is the 1 browser that is most similar between Mac and PC, so it is the browser that I choose to use on my work and personal computers.

Has anyone out there encountered a problem when running Google Chrome on Mac OS X Lion? If so, have you found a way around the crashing issue?

The odd thing in all of this is that the crashes do not even generate error/crash dump reports. So I guess I really don’t know that it is Chrome that is causing the crash, but I’ve been using my computer for 3 hours without incident. I’m writing this post in Safari. I’m fairly certain that opening Chrome will cause my computer to crash.

Yes, opening Chrome did, in fact, cause my computer to crash.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out if my lion/chrome problem is the same as yours. Sounds similar, but my computer never actually crashes … it just becomes unresponsive for a minute or two. If I can sneak in a Command Q to shutdown chrome during one of the responsive spells, the machine is back to normal. So is your computer actually crashing or just locking up for a while? I’ve also noticed that my freezes are associated with a error in Console: disk0s2: I/O error. But that message only ever occurs when I startup Chrome!

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