Once upon a time, this blog (i.nconspicuo.us) was a well read blog by techies, geeks and those looking to increase their internet savviness. Over time, this blog gained a large following as well as respect from Google, ranking highly for many different topics, most of which were tech related. Then, on April 10, 2011, Google released a new version of their Panda Update – Panda 2.0. From here on out, the traffic and livelihood of this blog was immediately cut in half. It was a sad, sad day. Not to be discouraged, we made some updates and pressed on. But over the next few months, traffic continued to fall as more Google Panda updates were released. Today, November 15, 2011, traffic has fallen to an all-time low – currently sitting at about 15% of what it was 1 year ago when the site was averaging around 3,000 unique visitors per day. We’ll continue to post and share our love of all things digital… hopefully Google will show some love in return and let us return to our once acceptable traffic numbers.

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