Free Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets for Test Driving a Ford

Every year, California Ford dealerships and Mammoth Mountain team up to offer free lift tickets for test driving any new Ford car, truck or SUV. This was the first year that I actually decided to try it out, so I stopped by a local Ford dealership on my way home from the office last night because lift tickets cost $87/day for the 2009/2010 season at Mammoth mountain. When I started snowboarding 9 years ago, it cost $43/day, so a free lift ticket is definitely worth a test drive.

I was very straight up with the salesman, telling him that I was not interested in purchasing a car at the time, I was just looking to test drive a car to get a lift ticket. He said that was fine, and asked what car I wanted to drive. I asked if he could just give me a ticket so I wasn’t wasting his time and he told me that Ford requires that I take a test drive, so I hopped in a new Ford Edge and took it for a spin. Upon returning to the lot, I left a copy of my license and an email address, the ticket is supposed to be emailed to you after test driving. I unfortunately haven’t received anything yet. It’s been about 18 hours since my test drive and I haven’t seen a ticket.

My brother went in to a different dealership and got a ticket no problem. Just chatted up a sales rep for a bit and didn’t even have to test drive. They just hooked him up with a ticket.

I’m on the phone with the dealership right now, trying to get my ticket. They’re going to double check the ticket for me, “the site was down” last night and they “were having problems with it”.

Update 2
I have still not received my free lift ticket email from Ford after 5 days. I’ve repeatedly called the dealership and been given the run around by all of the sales people. I ended up sending an email to Ford Corporate about the false advertising: Test drive any Ford and receive a free lift ticket to Mammoth Mountain. Corporate was not help either. Here was the response that I got from Ford Corporate:

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company on 1/27/2010 09:29:55 PM. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the lift ticket promotion is a regional offer, we do not have any information on them. Your local dealers are the best and only source for information on them.

Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Marketing Program Headquarters

How long does it take to get the lift ticket from Ford after the test drive? The few people who have received them say that they come via email almost immediately. I have been waiting 5 days with no luck.

Selling Car and Truck Parts Online Has Never Been Easier than with automotive.NET

Being a fan of lowered cars and lifted trucks, I know a lot of people who work in the automotive industry either for large manufacturers, small tuner shops, automotive photographers, automotive writers, etc. One thing I’ve come to notice is that most of these groups have absolutely terrible websites – especially those who need to manage and maintain large amounts of data. That’s where‘s automotive.NET system comes in. automotive.NET is an aftermarket parts management system that allows users to maintain a listing of vehicles, brands, categories, parts as well as maintain mappings between each of those.

The automotive.NET system literally takes all of the work out of creating a website and lets you focus on parts, vehicles, categories and brands. You simply have to manage YOUR information, and not worry about creating/designing a website. If you are looking to sell car and truck parts online I’d highly suggest that you check out, inc. automotive.NET system.

Radio Gas Deal – How is Saving Money at the Pump for America

Basically, the way this works is you join the site by submitting your personal information, name, address, etc. Once you’ve submitted your information, you’ll have to fill out and complete some merchant promotions in order to receive any sort of opportunities for gas cards and/or any other type of rebates that they may be offering. Check out these other posts for a little more information on Radio Gas Deal – America’s Gas Relief Program.

Would I endorse this program, no. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites and options out there to receive free gas cards for filling out surveys and/or signing up for offers from merchants. Especially considering the fact that has no history, the domain was initially registered on June 15, 2008, so as of this post, they’ve only been around for 9 days… expect many more of these sites to popup too!

Alternatives to

Gas Relief Program, Gas Discounts – Saving Money On Gas Could Be a Rip Off/Scam

As gas prices climb higher and higher, we will begin to see more and more gas relief programs, and gas relief scams that promise prices of $2.49 per gallon, or promise free gas cards. The moral of the story is that gas releif programs are actually made possible by getting users to sign up for some other type of service. These gas relief programs, such as, radio gas deal, America’s gas relief program, America’s gas rebate program… I’m sure there are others out there that I may be forgetting. Anyhow, all of these gas rebate and gas relief programs are typically just affiliate marketers that get some sort of commission for having people sign up for credit card offers and magazine offers, when the owners of these sites receive their commissions, they in turn offer a gas card, or some type of gasoline rebate, keeping the difference in their commission less the gas rebate card.

Is this a scam? No, not necessarily, I’ve received a few emails and comments from people who said that they completed this successfully, however, it does take some time and effort on the part of the end user. Am I signing up for these gasoline relief programs? No, I’m just getting it stuck to me at the pump… currently paying $4.43 for regular in Southern California. What are you guys paying elsewhere?

GMC Yukon Hybrid – Does the GMC Yukon Hybrid Gas Mileage Justify the Price

After seeing the success that Ford and Toyota have had with small SUVs, the Escape and the Highlander, respectively, GMC has now released a hybrid version of a full size SUV – The GMC Yukon Hybrid. So here is my question – Does the difference in gas mileage make the escalated price worth it? The standard GMC Yukon gets gas mileage of 14 city/20 highway, and the GMC Yukon Hybrid gets gas mileage of 21 city/22 highway. I’ll admit, the 7 extra miles per gallon during city driving would be nice, but only 1 extra mile per gallon on the highway? What’s the point? I suppose the Yukon Hybrid would be a good option for soccer moms who just drive around town all day long dropping their kids off and picking them up, but for anyone with a job or a daily commute, I have to say that the standard GMC Yukon would be the best option… unless you just feel like blowing an extra $10K.

USA Spec PA11-HON2y vs. Honda Music Link for iPhone and iPod Touch

Every so often, I get a bug in my system where I just have to tweak or modify something in my car. Now, out of nowhere, I have suddenly got the urge to integrate my iPhone with Honda Pilot. The trouble that I’m having right now, is trying to decide which adapter will work best (if at all) with my iPhone. After a bit of research, my two possible options are:

  • USA Spec PA11-HON2y
  • Honda Music Link

After some research, it seems that the Honda Music Link doesn’t currently support the iPhone or iPod Touch, though I’m still a little bit more inclined to purchase this version. But on the other hand, it seems like the USA Spec PA11-HON2y product natively supports both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. So that’s my dilemma. Do any of you have either the Honda Music Link or the USA Spec PA11-HON2y installed in your Honda?

Both of these products are said to work with all new model Honda vehicles:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Element
  • Honda Fit
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Honda S2000