Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Release Date/Time

I know we’re all playing way too much Halo since Reach has been released, but the next thing that is going to feed that craving is the release of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack (maybe Nobel Map Pack). The official release date of the Noble Map Pack is November 30, 2010, but what time will they be released? 12am has come and gone, so what is the official release time of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack? Well, we’re about to tell you.

The highly anticipated Halo Reach Noble Map Pack will be released on November 30th, 2010 at 6am PST.

That’s the best educated guess that you’ll find on the internet. Hopefully we’re within 3 hours (+/- 12 hours).

Let me know once you get your Noble Map Pack so I can log on and pwn you!!!

Halo Reach Ranking System – Ranks and Credits Needed

For all you Halo Reach nerds out there who are credit farming and trying to do all you can just to rank up faster, good luck with that. Fact of the matter is, Bungie had the right idea when creating the new ranking system and all the daily challenges and weekly challenges. It’s just their way of sinking their teeth in and making sure that all you little noobs keep on coming back for more. Just 1,500 more credits to level up! I’ll keep playing! Here’s the current rankings and the points needed to obtain each level. I expect to be at Inheritor by the end of 2010. Mark my words.

  • Recruit – 0 cR
  • Private – 7,500 cR
  • Corporal – 10,000 cR (+2,500 cR)
  • Corporal Grade 1 – 15,000 cR (+5,000 cR)
  • Sergeant – 20,000 cR (+5,000 cR)
  • Sergeant Grade 1 – 26,250 cR (+6,250 cR)
  • Sergeant Grade 2 – 32,500 cR (+6,250 cR)
  • Warrant Officer – 45,000 cR (+12,500 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 1 – 78,000 cR (+33,000 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 2 – 111,000 cR (+33,000 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 3 – 144,000 cR (+33000 cR)
  • Captain – 210,000 cR (+66,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 1 – 233,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 2 – 256,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 3 – 279,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Major – 325,000 cR (+46,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 1 – 350,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 2 – 375,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 3 – 400,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel – 450,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 1 – 480,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 2 – 510,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 3 – 540,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Commander – 600,000 cR (+60,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 1 –650,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 2 – 700,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 3 – 750,000 (+50,000 cR)
  • Colonel – 850,000 cR (+100,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 1 – 960,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 2 – 1,070,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 3 – 1,180,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Brigadier – 1,400,000 cR (+220,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 1 – 1,520,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 2 – 1,640,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 3 – 1,760,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • General – 2,000,000 cR (+240,000 cR)
  • General Grade 1 – 2,200,000 cR (+200,000 cR)
  • General Grade 2 – 2,350,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • General Grade 3 – 2,500,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • General Grade 4 – 2,650,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • Field Marshall – 3,000,000 cR (+350,000 cR)
  • Hero – 3,700,000 cR (+700,000 cR)
  • Legend – 4,600,000 cR (+900,000 cR)
  • Mythic – 5,650,000 cR (+1,050,000 cR)
  • Noble – 7,000,000 cR (+1,350,000 cR)
  • Eclipse – 8,500,000 cR (+1,500,000 cR)
  • Nova – 11,000,000 cR (+2,500,000 cR)
  • Forerunner – 13,000,000 cR (+2,000,000 cR)
  • Reclaimer – 16,500,000 cR (+3,500,000 cR)
  • Inheritor – 20,000,000 cR (+3,500,000 cR)

How Halo Reach Assists Are Calculated

For everyone who has played Halo Reach multiplayer matchmaking, most of us are curious as to how the Assists in the game are calculated. There are times where I know I’ve done mass damage on an opponent and a teammate steps in and finishes the job, but for some reason, I don’t get an assist. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way because I’ve seen posts on Xbox forums and the Bungie.net forums. After doing a little bit of research, here’s the best explanation of Halo Reach assists that I could come up with.

Halo Reach Assists

  • If you do damage greater than or equal to 60%, you get an assist
  • If you do damage less than 60%, you will not get an assist

Considering the above, this makes a bit of sense and explains why assists aren’t given out very often, or as often as we’d like them to be, in Halo Reach. Let’s say 3 teammates are shooting 1 opponent, all do equal damage at 33.333% – only one will get the kill and the other 2 will get no recognition. Is the Halo Reach assist system flawed? I believe it is, as do 95% of the Halo players.

In my opinion, Assists should be handed out like candy. If you put a bullet in a guy or do any type of damage to him and a teammate kills him off (within 5 seconds), you should get an assist. Because, by the definition of “assist”, you did help your teammate get that kill because he didn’t have to do 100% of the damage.

Here’s some points/changes that I think should be made to the Halo Reach assist system.

  • Should multiple players be able to get an assist for a kill?
    Yes. This currently isn’t possible if the above mentioned 60% rule is in fact how assists are calculated.
  • Should assists be limited by a percentage of damage done?
    No. If you do damage, you are assisting. Give an assist.
  • Does LeBron James agree with this?
    Yes. LeBron James is all about assists. He wants all the stats that he can get, and so do we.

Pre-Order Halo Reach from Amazon & Get $20

You may have seen my last post about getting your copy of Halo Reach in the mail on the day it is released without having to wait in a long ass line, but this just keeps getting better. Now, Amazon will give you $20 also! If you pre-order Halo Reach from Amazon.com, you’ll get a $20 credit that can be use toward a future purchase in the video games category at Amazon.com. Perfect to use for Microsoft points.

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Pre-Order Halo Reach for Delivery on Launch Day

Do you want your copy of Halo Reach to arrive at your house on the day it comes out without having to wait in any long lines? You won’t even have to camp out at the store to get your copy. This is one of the best deals that you’ll find for this game. If you pre-order Halo Reach from Amazon.com, you’ll also receive a $20 credit that can be use toward any purchase in the video games category at Amazon.com. This would be perfect to buy Microsoft points with. That way when the new Halo Reach maps come out, you’ll be all set with points and you can pick them up immediately!

I can’t guarantee this, but this is how I ordered my iPhone and I actually received it before launch day. I wonder if ordering Halo Reach early from Amazon could allow you to receive your copy a day or two early? Try it and let me know!

Highest Single Word Score on Words With Friends

Now that Words With Friends for the iPhone (WWF) has grown to have a cult following, many people play just to see how big they can score on a single word. Don’t get me wrong… I personally still play to win, but I’ve been known to drop a 100+ point bomb on occasion. Some of my highest scoring words (that I recall) were:

  • JEEP – 118 points
  • QUINOA – 144 points
  • JEHU – 114 points
  • JOSS – 111 points
  • ZONE – 102 points
  • GEEZ – 105 points

I haven’t done the math to figure out what the highest possible word score would be while playing Words With Friends, so I’m hoping that someone will put their best guess in the comments below. What are your highest single word scores in Words With Friends?

Halo 4 Will Be Called Halo Reach

There will be a next version of Halo, but rather than being called Halo 4, it will be called Halo Reach. There are no real specifics on the game yet, but it supposedly going to be released in the fall of 2010. It appears that our “friend” Bill from Bungie was entirely wrong and all of his posts and comments were totally unwarranted (click here to read all previous speculation), however they were fun, and caused quite a bit of stir in the comments. 😉

What would you all like to see in Halo Reach?

Xbox 360 Media Center Extender Can’t Connect to Windows 7

After hours of toiling with my new Windows 7 setup and my Xbox 360, I finally came to the conclusion that the simplest solution, that is typically right under our nose is the one that we should probably try first.

I had been unable to connect my Xbox 360 to my PC (which I had just installed Windows 7 on). I tried adjusting settings in my router, in my firewall, opening ports, changing network sharing settings, etc. and nothing seemed to work. After hours of failure, I simply went back to my Xbox and started over. Literally.

I selected the option so “Setup a new connection”. This basically searches the network for a PC that is running Windows Media Center, which my new Windows 7 RC1 machine is running. Immediately, the Xbox 360 found my PC and displayed the 8 digit code for me to input on my PC to link the two.

The problem was that my Xbox had previously been setup with another computer, so when I turned it on and tried to connect to Windows Media Center after upgrading my operating system, it needed to have a new connection setup.

Such an easy fix. No need to change port numbers or any of that fun stuff. I hope this info will help the others out there who may have a similar problem after upgrading to Windows 7.

Halo Wars Release Date – Halo Wars Will Precede Halo 4

As the hype and buzz starts to abound for the release of Halo 4, Microsoft will first be releasing Halo Wars, a real-time strategy game that uses characters and vehicles from the Halo series video game. The Halo Wars release date is not yet set, but it charted for sometime in February 2009. As Halo Wars nears its release date of February 2009, the anticipation for the release date of Halo 4 will grow as well.