Podcast App Crashing in iOS 9 – Updating Library…

If you’re one of the recent ones who has upgraded to iOS 9 and also happens to listen to podcasts using the native Podcasts app, you are now out of luck. Podcasts now crashes on most devices while booting.

Upon opening Podcasts, most users see the notification “Updating Library…” which is subsequently followed by the app crashing.

Deleting all podcasts and restarting the device does not seem to work.

Apparently Podcasts and iOS 9 do not get along. This has been a known issue since iOS 9 Beta 1, but apparently Apple decided to proceed with development and release of iOS 9. Podcasts app crashing is apparently an issue on the following devices:

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S (personally tested)
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad

For a solution to the Podcasts app crashing, let’s all make sure that we let Apple know about the problem with Podcasts in iOS 9. Report podcast crash bug to Apple.

iOS 6/6.1 Jailbreak Release Date – evad3rs – evasi0n

The evasi0n team claims to have finally made a working jailbreak for iOS 6/6.1. This comes months after the release of iOS 6.

The team has outlined many of the requirements that will be attached to the tool once its released. First and foremost, the jailbreak will be compatible “with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1.” Yes, this means the first iPhone 5 jailbreak tool is on the way after more than three months of waiting.

It appears that the jailbreak tool will only take five minutes to install and get running on a device and that it will indeed be available to those running OS X, Windows and Linux. Windows XP will be the minimum for Windows users, Mac users will need at least OS X 10.5 and Linux users will need to be running or x86 / x86_64 or higher.

They also make it clear that a USB cable will be needed for the process as well.

Check the evad3rs site frequently for the release:

Syncing to iTunes – Difference Between Syncing and Syncing

So I’m not sure why this is, but I had previously updated my iTunes libraries to “match” so that I could sync my iPhone to 3 of my computers – my laptop, my home office and my office computer. It worked fine, but with the release of iTunes 10, Apple has apparently nixed this and I haven’t wanted to test (waiting for some other poor sap to try), so I’ve just been plugging my phone into each computer seperately as always, there are some things that puzzle me though.

My home desktop computer is now new, doesn’t have a matching iTunes library ID #, however when I plug my iPhone in to it, I am still able to manage pictures, music, movies, etc. I can copy anything that I want to/from the phone. When I click the “Sync” button on the bottom right from the iPhone Summary page in iTunes, the phone runs through its normal syncing process. No problems at all. Same thing when I plug it into my laptop of office computer. Weird, right?

Update on Syncing to multiple computers

So I found out what is happening. You ARE able to sync/copy content form multiple computers (it seems), however you cannot change settings on your phone on a computer other than the main computer that your phone is synced to. When I try to change the setting “Manually manage music and videos” from unchecked to checked, I get the following message:

Does this make any sense? I don’t know why Apple doesn’t just remove their restrictions.

Localscope Knows if Your iPhone is Jailbroken, and if the App is Stolen

This was sent in from a reader and raises some questions about our privacy.

I have a jailbroken phone and oftentimes, I’ll download a jailbroken version of the app to try out before I purchase it in the app store. This is the one downfall of the Apple app store, most apps don’t have trials. Some have free or lite versions, but a majority must be purchased immediately if you want to use it. So anyways, back to the story. I read about a newer app called Localscope, so I downloaded a jailbroken version to test it and I was surprised with the following screen:

Jailbreaking your iOS device may be okay.

But not paying for apps is not cool.
Please stop supporting software piracy.

So this is kinda scary, right? Apple can tell if and when your device is jailbroken, but they can also tell when your running a jailbroken/”stolen” app. Not cool.

How to Edit the iPhone User Dictionary – Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

If you have some commonly used words that aren’t recognized by the standard iPhone dictionary, you can add your own words to the dictionary, it just requires a little “trickery” to get there. For some reason, Apple didn’t directly build in the ability to edit the iPhone dictionary, but it’s easy enough to add without having to hack or jailbreak your phone.

First, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard. Once here, you should see that you have 1 (maybe 2 depending on if you have emoji enabled) International Keyboards.

Once here, click International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Then find Japanese Ten Key.

Now click the home button, then go back to Settings > General > Keyboard. You should now see the Edit User Dictionary option as specified below. You can click into there and add all your own words, terms, abbreviations, etc.

There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.

I recently bought a new iPhone 4 and I took my old SIM card out of my 3GS and shredded it. After doing that, I restored the phone to the factory settings, and come to find out, I actually need the SIM card so that I can jailbreak it. Now when I plug my iPhone into iTunes, I get the following iTunes error:

There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.
Please disconnect and insert a SIM card in the iPhone.

Even though the goverment just made jailbreaking legal, Apple is going to make it as difficult as possible for people who don’t have a SIM card. I’m in the process of tracking down a SIM card just so I can open the phone and go to JailBreakMe.com – once this is done, I’ll be free and clear and will no longer need the SIM.

Has anyone found a way around this without using the SIM? Is there a iOS4 jailbreak that works through the USB connection rather than through PDF security hole in iOS 4.0 and 4.01? I’m about to find out. I’ll keep you fools updated!

iPhone Sound Coming From Earpiece and Not Out of Speaker

So far, I’ve been extremely happy with my new iPhone 4 and iOS 4. No complaints, great apps, and with availability of a super easy jailbreak from JailBreakMe.com the iPhone 4 has left me nothing but happy… until recently. I’ve been noticing this problem more and more. It was to do with the audio output getting messed up and basically getting turned off. When trying to listen to a podcast, or any audio for that matter – even notifications and keyboard clicks, all audio output is transferred from the standard iPhone speaker output to the iPhone earpiece, so of course, listening to the iPod or hearing notifications or your phone ringing becomes very difficult, if not impossible to hear.

After doing a little bit of reading, it turns out that it is the Skype application that is corrupting the audio output. Apparently, if you make a Skype phone call and the person you’re talking to hangs up before you do, it corrupts the iPhone audio causing all sound to come out of the earpiece rather than out of the speaker which is why many of you will be suffering from what is described as muted iPhone audio or muffled iPhone audio.


  • Restart your iPhone
  • Open Skype, place a call to the Skype Call Test account. Hangup immediately.
  • Double click home button, remove Skype from open apps.

How to Fix Skype Multi-Tasking on Jailbroken iPhone

If you have recently jailbroken your iPhone/iPod/iPad with the newest and easiest jailbreak ever – JailBreakMe.com, then you may have also encountered the problem with Skype not multi-tasking or not running in the background. There is a simple fix that involves updating your Mobile Substrate through Cydia. Simply do the following and Skype should start working for you again:

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Tap Manage
  3. Tap Upgrade – You’ll need to update all packages, Cydia, Mobile Substrate, etc.
  4. Once complete, it should prompt you to reboot your device. After reboot, Skype should work properly.

If you’d like to see more info about Mobile Substrate, you can look here: Cydia Mobile Substrate Package

Skype Does Not Allow MultiTasking on Jailbroken iPhone iOS 4

Upon the release of the jailbreak for iPhone 4 and iOS 4, I quickly installed it – especially after seeing how easy this jailbreak was compared to past jailbreaks. The thing that is really irritating me is the fact that Skype has created its software to not support multi-tasking on jailbroken iPhones. I find this hard to believe, particularly because of the fact that the fed recently issued a ruling that declared jailbreaking phones perfectly legal. Upon starting Skype on my newly jailbroken iPhone, I was presented with the following message:

This version of Skype is only supported on unmodified iPhone OS 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and 3.2.x

I really don’t understand why Skype would limit themselves by doing this. I’m already looking for other solutions rather than using their software. Not too happy about the fact that they don’t allow their software to work on a jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 4.01.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or found a work-around? If so, please share in the comments below.

iOS4 Jailbreak Released – JailBreakMe.com the Easiest Jailbreak Ever

Well, the newest iPhone firmware iOS4 has finally had a jailbreak released for it, and this jailbreak is being touted as the easiest jailbreak ever. Simply open Safari on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and go to jailbreakme.com – pull the slider across the screen and follow the instructions. Simple, right? It really can’t get much easier.