Online Poker Payment Processor Get Busted in NY

Ira Rubin, a man accused of helping online poker companies move and cover billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds overseas from U.S. customers was sentenced to three years in prison Thursday by a New York  judge. The judge called him an “unreformed con man” who has a long criminal history.

U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan handed 54-year-old Rubin one of the longest prison sentences yet in a prosecution that resulted in charges against nearly a dozen people and shut down the U.S. operations of the three largest Internet poker companies. Online gambling in the U.S. was thwarted in 2006 when the house and senate passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

The authorities said that Rubin fooled U.S. banks into processing gambling proceedings by making it appear that money moving through the poker companies was actually the proceeds of transactions on websites for golf stores and other legitimate businesses, which it was not. If you miss playing online poker, but are still looking for some online gaming, try playing bingo and other online role playing games at

s3slider is not a function – Troubleshooting s3Slider Errors

I was recently updating a site that was using the s3Slider jQuery library, when I noticed it had stopped working, and I was constantly receiving the javascript error: s3slider is not a function

Upon doing a little research, I realized that this was a fairly common problem that quite a few people had run into, however, my solution was not the same as all the solutions that I found. One solution that I found online was to not use the minified version of s3slider. The minified version of s3slider apparently contains some errors, so using the default version will oftentimes solve whatever error you’re receiving. If this solution doesn’t work for you, you may have the same problem I was having. My problem stemmed from where s3slider was being loaded on the page. It was being loaded before the jQuery library was being loaded. By updating my HTML to load jQuery first, I was able to resolve the issue.

s3slider is not a function in my case was the error being caused by the jQuery library not being initialized first. Easy fix, by just moving the s3slider.js file above the jquery declaration.

Best iOS 5 Shortcuts – Opening to Proper App from Lock Screen

This is one of my favorite new features of iOS 5 (I’m easily amused). But all joking aside, this feature is very handy, especially when you leave your phone for a couple hours and it gets bombarded with texts, twitter updates, calendar notifications, etc. Regardless of what is on the lock screen, you can simply swipe the icon of the notification that you want to see and iOS 5 will take you directly into the proper app, and if necessary, the proper page. Try it out next time you get a notification!

Osama Bin Laden Dead – Seal Team Six Photo Evidence – Real or Fake

Well, as could be expected, a photo of Osama Bin Laden dead has been leaked and has been being spread around the internet for much of today. As much as we all wanted to see Bin Laden dead, it was only a matter of time before someone out there began creating fakes. Well, below is the first picture that I’ve seen of Osama Bin Laden dead, but is this authentic photo evidence? Is this really a picture that was released from one of the members of Navy Seal Team 6? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the photos shown below, there is one thing for certain. All the victims of the 9-11 attacks can now rest in peace. Thank god for our troops and Navy Seal Team Six.
Osama Bin Laden Dead - Photo Evidence - Real or Fake
Osama Bin Laden Dead - Photo Evidence - Real or Fake

Bin Laden Dead – Photo Update

We just read that this is a fake generated from another image, shown below. What do you think?
Osama Bin Laden Dead - Photo Evidence - Original Photo That Lead to Fake

PayPal UPS Shipping Problems – The contact information you submitted does not match the information on file for your UPS account. Either update your UPS account information by visiting or update the information below

I’ve used eBay and PayPal and UPS to sell and ship products for a long time and until recently, it worked perfectly for me with no problems at all. However, I recently changed my work address, which also happened to be the address that I had my UPS account setup as. Upon changing the information inside my PayPal account and inside my UPS account, the two will no longer link up. I constantly get the following error message:

“The contact information you submitted does not match the information on file for your UPS account. Either update your UPS account information by visiting or update the information below.”

The confusing thing is that I’ve verified and re-verified that all information matches. The only solution that I’ve found is to create a new UPS account, but in doing this, it takes 5-7 business days to be approved for the lower PayPal UPS shipping rates.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Let us know what you’ve done to get around if… or if it is even possible to get around it.

Drunk Dialing is Fun, Here’s a Number to Call When You’re Drinking

Almost all of us have been guilty of doing it. And depending on the hour, most of us hate it when it happens to us. You all know what I’m talking about… Drunk Dialing. It can’t be explained, but for some reason after too much beer or liquor, it always seems like a good idea to call people, sometimes people you haven’t talked to in years, or even people you haven’t ever talked to. Well if you ever have the need to drunk dial again, call The SofaKing, he is ready and willing to accept your drunk dials, and if you don’t want to get charged for long distance, just punch in your phone number and you’ll be connected free of charge. You can’t beat that! So next time you’re in the mood to drunk dial someone, make that someone The SofaKing – (530) SOFA-KNG – Call him up and leave him a voicemail.

Or, have The SofaKing call you:

Your info is safe with The SofaKing

You’re Welcome Cards are the Perfect Follow Up to a Thank You Card

I love giving gifts, and I love finding creative cards that are inventive, witty and funny. I recently came across You’re Welcome Cards – these cards are great! They can be given with a gift, and they can also be given after receiving a Thank You card. Either way, they are tons of fun, and always get a good laugh.

The nice thing about these You’re Welcome Cards is the fact that they’re not holiday specific (though I hope that the creators make some holiday specific versions). These cards can be giving at Christmas, for Birthdays, or just because. There is really no limit to giving these cards to someone. They’ve only got a handful of designs available, but give them a look – You’re bound to get a good laugh if you give these next time you give a gift!

Donate to Haiti Relief Efforts Using PayPal

I tried going to the PayPal website to make a donation to Haiti, but there wasn’t a simple “Click Here to Donate” that allows you to select the charity that you want to donate to. I would think that more charities would begin accepting PayPal because there are so many users out there who have a balance just sitting in their PayPal account.

One charity that does accept PayPal payments is Save the Children. You can go to this page to make a donation to Save the Children using PayPal, or you can just go to and find the link by browsing through their site.

Exception EOIeError in module homesite45.exe at 000803AC – Homesite Error in Windows 7

Trying to open Homesite 4.5.2 in Windows 7 results in the following Application Error:

Exception EOIeError in module homesite45.exe at 000803AC.
Error creating system registry entry.

Is it possible to get Homesite to work within Windows 7 by adding a registry entry? This Application Error message would suggest that a missing registry entry is the problem, but I don’t know enough about Windows or the Windows registry in order to try anything.

Any help or suggestions?

Google Adsense Automatic Sign-In – Take Me to My Account Link

If you read my last post about Adsense no longer remembering my login credentials after already being signed into Gmail or Google Reader, or any other service using Google Accounts you’re most likely aware of the problem with Google Adsense and being prompted for login information. Google has recently “fixed” this issue by adding a link on the Adsense homepage that says:

Already signed in? Take me to my account.

This is a great help (especially on the iPhone and other mobile devices), but I do miss being able to just go to Google Adsense and automatically be logged in and redirected to my account overview page.