Gmail Manager Not Working – Has Your Gmail Manager Stopped Working Too?

For the last couple of years now, I’ve been using Gmail Manager as my main mailbox management tool. I’ve actually replaced Outlook with Gmail Manager too! I use it on my office computer, my home computer and on my laptop. Gmail Manager allows me to manage 7 different email accounts within my browser (which is always open).

Recently (about a week ago now), I noticed on my office computer that my Gmail Manager was no longer working. All 7 of my Gmail (and Google Apps for Domains) accounts now show a 0 message count, and when hovering over the icon, it reads: is logged in.
Inbox has 0 unread messages.
Space used 0 MB (0%) of your 0 MB.

Here’s the kicker… when I’m at my office, all of my accounts say the same thing: Inbox has 0 unread messages… etc. However when I’m at my house, everything works perfectly. Could this be an issued caused by the ISP? At work, we use Verizon DSL and at home I have Time Warner. Everything else has been working as it should, with the exception of my Gmail Manager.

If you’ve encountered this problem, please comment below and let me know what ISP you are using. I’ve tried clearing my cookies, cache, etc. with no luck. I’m really missing my Gmail Manager! If you haven’t yet tried Gmail Manager, I highly recommend it: Gmail Manager.

Enable Tethering on iPhone 3.1

I had enabled tethering on my iPhone awhile back, even though I didn’t use it too often, I figured it’d be a good feature to have, and it actually saved me a couple times while I was traveling – allowing me to download a file that I forgot to bring on my laptop, and I also was able to book a plane ticket using tethering and my MacBook.

Anyways, I recently installed the iPhone 3.1 software update and my days of tethering are no more. I also just realized that since installing the 3.1 update, the updated carrier settings from the tethering enabling mobile config file had caused my visual voicemail to stop working (again). I’m waiting on a fix from our buddy Ben M who released the first mobile configs that allowed tethering to be enabled, but it appears that Apple and/or AT&T have made things tougher this time. The one thing that concerns me is the fact that the settings screen now traces tethering data transfer… I’m assuming that AT&T will use this to hit you with a hefty bill anytime you’re using tethering data transfer.

Has anyone found a workaround to get tethering working on iPhone 3.1?

First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘GA_Admin::add_config_page’ was given in

After upgrading my Google Analytics for WordPress plugin, I started receiving the following error on all of my wordpress admin pages:

Warning: call_user_func_array() []: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘GA_Admin::add_config_page’ was given in /home/ on line 339

I understand that the plugin can be downgraded, but who wants to do that??? I just want to fix it!!! This occurred after upgrading the plugin to the 3.0 version, but the plugin did reactivate successfully after upgrading. Just error messages on every page of the admin.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Jailbreaking/Unlocking iPhone 3G OS 3.0 – I Now See the Light

As long as I’ve had an iPhone, I had never really seen the need to jailbreak it. Recently, I purchased the new iPhone 3GS and I have very new iPhone 3G that I had just gotten for Christmas. I know that the iPhone 3G is now selling for $99, so I looked on eBay and found that Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhone 3G’s are selling for $200-$300, sometimes up to $350. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to make a little bit of extra cheddar, I quickly downloaded Quickpwn (on my Mac) and let the jailbreaking commence. The entire process was extremely simple, Quickpwn takes all of the guesswork our of jailbreaking/unlocking your iPhone.

I now have an unlocked iPhone 3G, and I will probably be unlocking my new iPhone 3GS very soon. Does anybody have any reason not to unlock/jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS (other than the fact that it voids the Apple warranty)?

I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!

iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone … restore the iPhone to factory settings

Trying to restore my iPhone, I just encountered this error, I’m hoping somebody can shed some light on it:

iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone “Your iPhone Name”. Go to the Summary tab in the iphone preferences and click Restore to restore the iPhone to factory settings.

I guess this means I’m going to have to set everything up manually. So lame. I better be able to transfer my purchases still.

iPhone 3.0 OS and New iPhone 3GS to Support Nike+

When the iPhone came out, I was stoked, I picked one up (shortly after the lines subsided). When the 3G came out, again, I was stoked, the GPS feature made it a very useful accessory for me to have. The one problem with both of these was the fact that they were incompatible with the Nike+ running system. Nike+ is the one thing that makes me want to workout. Without some tech stuff or gadgetry involved, working out just isn’t fun for me, so I just don’t do it.

Now with all of the new iPhone 3GS press releases and announcements, I’ve learned that the iPhone 3.0 OS will support Nike+, but it sounds like it will only be available on the iPhone 3GS. Does this mean that I’m going to have to shell out a couple hundred bucks to get a brand new iPhone even though my iPhone 3G is only 6 months old? What a waste! Why wouldn’t you be able to use the Nike+ system with the iPhone 3G? It doesn’t make any sense.

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Can’t Play Flip Video Camcorder Files on Mac

My wife and I recently got a Flip Video player and it works great, we absolutely love it. The one problem that I’ve run into however is that we typically download all of the videos to our PC and they are shared on our network. My Mac didn’t have the Flip video software installed on it, so when I try to open the Flip Video AVI files, I am unable to open them. I get a QuickTime message that reads:

Additional software is required for QuickTime to playback this media. It may be available from the QuickTime Components page.

Make sure your internet network connection is active, then click the Continue button to check for the software.

Send and Recieve Hotmail Through Gmail With Hotmail POP Access

Back when Gmail was first introduced, I slowly began transitioning all of my email sending and recieving over to Gmail from Hotmail. Though I was primarily using Gmail, I was still using Hotmail as a “dump” for forum mail, web promo signups, etc. It was always a pain in the ass to integrate the two until recently. No I can send and recieve Hotmail messages through my Gmail account by simply adding another account throug the Gmail interface.

In Gmail, just do the following to setup Hotmail within your Gmail account:

  1. Click on “Settings”
  2. Click on “Accounts”
  3. Click on “Add another email address you own”
  4. Enter your Hotmail name & email address (Figure 1)
  5. Verify your Hotmail account (Figure 2)
  6. Enter your Hotmail account information (Figure 3)