Save Money on a New Keyless Entry Remote

In today’s economy, most people are trying to save money any way that they can, and I’m not different. I recently found out that I needed to replace the keyless entry system on my car because the original key fob that came with my car just stopped working. The dealership wanted over $100 for the key / keyless entry clicker. I was fortunately able to find the same key with keyless entry clicker built into it for just $35.99 after doing a little searching online!

If you ever need a car keys replacement, make sure you check out – they specialize in replacement keys, replacement key fobs and replacement keyless entry systems for what seems to be every year, make and model car that I could think of. And looking through their list of makes and models that they have keys and key fobs for, I’d think that if there is a car that they don’t have on their list, they’d probably be able to get one for you… just email them and ask!

So whether you’ve lost your key or your key fob, or maybe you just want to have a backup (or backups) around the house, you should definitely check out next time you need keys!

Vacuum Pumps

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum.

Pumps can typically categorized into one of three broad categories (as per wikipedia):

  • Positive displacement pumps use a mechanism to repeatedly expand a cavity, allow gases to flow in from the chamber, seal off the cavity, and exhaust it to the atmosphere.
  • Momentum transfer pumps, also called molecular pumps, use high speed jets of dense fluid or high speed rotating blades to knock gas molecules out of the chamber.
  • Entrapment pumps capture gases in a solid or adsorbed state. This includes cryopumps, getters, and ion pumps.

Regardless of the type of pump that you need, United Vacuum stocks many new, used and refurbished vacuum pumps. Whether you need a rotary vacuum, a rotary piston pump, a rotary lobe booster, rotary vane pump or a small vacuum pump United Vacuum can provide what you’re looking for. United Vacuum specializes in the manufacturing vacuum pumps, and remanufacturing of industrial rotary piston pumps and rotary lobe blowers. Whether you require a new or remanufactured pump, United Vacuum is positioned to accommodate your needs. United Vacuum also offers comprehensive vacuum pump repair and pump remanufacturing services when purchasing a new pump is not an option.

Who Could Go for An Orage Soda?

If you’re looking for internet marketing, you’ve found the place to go. Most of the time, searching for a product or company or product can be difficult, but now it is much easier because information and reviews are more readily available. Just look for orange soda and orangesoda reviews to see what it is you’re looking to get. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you might want to consider what orange soda can do for you, besides rot your teeth. This may sound a bit funny, but orange soda can help grow your business believe it or not.

So when it comes time to increase your web presence and your search rankings, try looking at some orange soda reviews and you will find some very good results. There are not too many bad things that can be said about more traffic, more customers, and more sales. Right? Whether you’re looking for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or even Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), you will be able to find what you’re looking to with orange soda, just read some of the orange soda reviews to see what they’re all about.

The internet is a big place, make sure you have someone on your side, or at least read about some of the people and companies who may be able to help you.

Create a Website for your Business with is a great place to create a website for your small business and the main reason that I say its great is because it’s free and easy to setup! With, you don’t need any sort of experience in creating websites. has many pre built templates that allow you to create a website for your small business that actually fits in with your target market.

One of the most beneficial features of using to create your small business website is that you’ll get access to statistics about your visitors. Statistics and visitor data can be very beneficial when trying to learn about your target market and optimize your ROI.

Some other features of that you’ll find very useful if you are a small business owner are:

  • E-commerce Sales
    Sell your products online and collect payment through either PayPal or Google Checkout. You add your products and set the prices.
  • Communicate with your Customers through Blogs and Forums
    Let your customers interact on forums and blog comments. See what they have to say!
  • Email News Updates
    Send out newsletters with updates on your latest happenings.

If you’re looking to get a small business website for free, then you should definitely check out today.

Custom Invitations

I recently had a birthday party and my wife and I shopped all over to find invitations to send out. The problem was that all of the generic invitations that we found either didn’t fit our style, or weren’t specific enough for the type of party that we were having… it’s very rare to have a winter hawaiian theme, right? Anyways, after doing some searching, we came across the Vista Print website. In case you haven’t heard of Vista Print before, they are a company that offers all sorts of different print services, and in this case, we used Vista Print to order custom birthday invitations.

When we found the site, we were originally looking to get custom birthday invitations, and in the process of looking, we found that Vista Print offers many other types of cards as well, such as:

  • Birthday Cards
  • Baby Birth Announcement Cards
  • Graduations Announcement Cards
  • Wedding / Engagement Announcement Cards / Invitations
  • Moving Cards
  • General Party Cards
  • Religious Cards
  • Business Cards

Some of the features I really liked about the Vista Print website and the cards that they offer are that they have many cards that are completely designed, all you have to do is fill out your information and it is applied to the card in a matching / complementary font and color. They also offer cards that have a majority of the design done, but these cards have an area where you can upload a picture of your own to customize and personalize the card. And the final option (the option that we used because I’m a graphic designer) was the option that allows you to upload an entire image or picture to be the entire card.

So the next time you’re looking for custom cards, make sure you visit Vista Print!

Customized Return Address Labels

For those of you who are like me and hate writing your return address on all of your outgoing mail and envelopes, you should check out the customized address labels from VistaPrint offers all types of printing services, but their address labels provide you a quick and easy way to save a lot of time. And the great thing is that you’ll be saving a lot more than time because the address labels are very affordable – they start at just $7.99!

I love having address labels to use – in fact, I use my new customized address labels all the time! Not only do I put them on personal mail items (birthday cards, holiday cards, etc.), but now, I use them when I’m sending bills in the mail, or any other type of item. Good thing too, because the other day, I sent a check in the mail for a credit card bill and I forgot to put a stamp on it. Thanks to my clean, clear and legible address label, my envelope made its way back to me and I was able to apply the proper postage on it and resend it.

Another great thing about Vista Print is that they have many options when you are buying address labels. You’ll have the choice between any of the following:

  • You can browse their unique designs for an address label that you like
  • You can create your own and upload your own address label design
  • You can use their design builder and create your own design using the easy to use tools that are offered on their website

Whichever option is best for you, you’ll be more than happy with the end result! And again, the best part is the price! Vista Print offers competitive prices and great quality, so make sure you check them out today!

Specialize Equipment & Utility Trucks

Finding distributors of specialized equipment is never an easy task, knowing where to start your search is usually the toughest part. That’s where Asher Equipment comes in. Al Asher & Sons has all of your specialized equipment needs, including:

  • Trucks
    Boom trucks, Bucket trucks, Winch trucks, Cable Take-up trucks, Digger Derrick, and Underbridge Inspection trucks
  • Underground Cable Pullers
    Sewer Rodders, Cable Choppers, Cable Scrappers, Reel Loaders, Winch Trucks, Cable Trailers, Reel Trailers, Pole Trailers, Tensioners, and Hogg Pullers
  • Cranes
    Pitman and Stinger cranes

Not only does Asher carry all of these specialized equipment items, but they also provide sales, rentals and parts and service. Asher isn’t narrow-minded when it comes to selection either, they carry specialized equipment from a large number of manufacturers, such as: Altec, Hi-Ranger, Hogg-Davis, National Crane, OK Champion, Pitman Crane, RO Stinger Crane, Sherman-Reilly, Standard Trailer, Teco, Telsta, Terex, TSE, Vactor, Versalift.

Though Asher is based out of the Los Angeles area, that shouldn’t deter you from considering them as a viable option because Asher can deliver specialized equipment sales nationwide. Additionaly, specialized equipment purchased from Asher qualifies for warranty protection, even reconditioned equipment comes with a conditional warranty – that should help in buyer confidence.

When it comes to purchasing utility trucks and other specialized equipment, the cost can often make or break the deal because specialized equipment almost always tends to be a high dollar item. The great thing about Asher is that they offer financing on their sales. Not only do they provide financing, but they also assist with loan applications, finance strategies and locating competitive rates – because lets face it, the best interest rate on financed items might not always be the first option. Asher uses established contacts at banks and finance companies to help land competitive rates for their customers.

Selling Car and Truck Parts Online Has Never Been Easier than with automotive.NET

Being a fan of lowered cars and lifted trucks, I know a lot of people who work in the automotive industry either for large manufacturers, small tuner shops, automotive photographers, automotive writers, etc. One thing I’ve come to notice is that most of these groups have absolutely terrible websites – especially those who need to manage and maintain large amounts of data. That’s where‘s automotive.NET system comes in. automotive.NET is an aftermarket parts management system that allows users to maintain a listing of vehicles, brands, categories, parts as well as maintain mappings between each of those.

The automotive.NET system literally takes all of the work out of creating a website and lets you focus on parts, vehicles, categories and brands. You simply have to manage YOUR information, and not worry about creating/designing a website. If you are looking to sell car and truck parts online I’d highly suggest that you check out, inc. automotive.NET system.

Sabon NYC – The Place To Be!

I’ve got a friend who lives in New York City and always absolutely raves about Sabon products. To be completely honest, being a man, I have never really put too much importance on taking care of myself through “pampering”, but after one visit to the store with my good friend, she has changed my mind about “beauty products”, if you’d call it that when a man is using them.

Anyways, after the first visit, I found myself leaving the shop with a bag full of products from the Sabon gentlemen’s section, including shaving cream, aftershave, and cleanser (which I use on my face). The thing I like most about these 3 products that I use is the ingredients. They all contain white tea oil, shea butter and coconut oil which serve to clean, detoxify, purify and really just help refresh you.

Now, I haven’t yet become daring enough to go into the store and purchase a huge jar of a pink Lavendar Apple Body Scrub, but my friend keeps trying to convince me to try the Body Scrubs. Thus far, I’ve been able to keep her happy with the fact that I use all of the Sabon gentelmens products (shaving cream, after shave and cleanser), but recently, I come across the Sabon website –, which made it difficult for me to tell my friend that I don’t want to buy body scrubs because it’s embarassing for me (a male) to walk into the store and ask for a big pink bottle.

Well, you can probably guess where this story is going, I ended up ordering one online and it has been the best thing on earth! My skin is so soft!!! I never thought I’d hear myself say those words (or type those words) but I am sold on Sabon, and now on their body scrubs.

Save Money with YOOX Coupon Codes

When the economy is as slow as it has been lately, saving money can be very important. That’s why it’s always a good ideal to look for coupon codes prior to spending money online and this holiday season, there is no reason to pay full price for anything when you have the option to find coupon codes for

Yoox is an online fashion store that has shoes, clothing and other fashion accessories for men, women and children. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a little gift, or you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for a friend or loved one, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right item at the right price at

Not only does Yoox have a ton of items, but the site is setup in a way that makes online shopping easy. If you’re looking for a dress by a certain designer, you can search all items by that designer, say Giorgio Armani. Or let’s say that you’re looking for a green sweater, you can simply use the simple Shop by Color feature and find all items that are a certain color. You also have the option to shop by size at Yoox, so if your size is hard to find, rather than browsing all the items individually and checking for your size, you can simply look for all items in your size! So easy!!! Try it today, get your YOOX coupon code.