Pay Per Post – A Great Resource for Bloggers Looking to Generate an Income

Last week, I came across a site called Pay Per Post that gives bloggers the opportunity to blog about sites, products, stores, etc. that are looking to gain some inbound traffic thorough viral marketing. I quickly signed up and have already written 3 reviews for $30.00 – definitely not a bad way to supplement the income from your blog (if you have one). Writing reviews for Pay Per Post is easy, all you have to do is meet a minimum word count, and post a single link to the site you’re reviewing (sometimes a picture or video) and once your post is live, it is reviewed. Easy enough, right? I think so… check them out and start blogging for bucks!

Skin Care Products and Skin Care Solutions – Great Gifts for Women

Every year around Mother’s Day, I find myself in a bind, wondering what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. Typically I spend days and days wandering through the mall aimlessly trying to find a gift that I think Mom will like, but over the past couple of years, I have been buying quality skin care products from California Body Care. The thing that I like about California Body Care is that its not a huge brand that can be bought at every store you visit, its a smaller brand that offers quality skin care systems and great customer service. For the past two years, I’ve picked up something for my Mom from the Sensitive Skin collection and it never seems to disappoint.