Netflix Servers Down – Instant & Online –

I tried to turn on Netflix today and was unable to connect to instant streaming through my xbox. It gave me an error message to look at and their website seems to be down too. You’d think that a company that large would have backup servers in place so that their streaming and web servers wouldn’t be down at the same time.

Localscope Knows if Your iPhone is Jailbroken, and if the App is Stolen

This was sent in from a reader and raises some questions about our privacy.

I have a jailbroken phone and oftentimes, I’ll download a jailbroken version of the app to try out before I purchase it in the app store. This is the one downfall of the Apple app store, most apps don’t have trials. Some have free or lite versions, but a majority must be purchased immediately if you want to use it. So anyways, back to the story. I read about a newer app called Localscope, so I downloaded a jailbroken version to test it and I was surprised with the following screen:

Jailbreaking your iOS device may be okay.

But not paying for apps is not cool.
Please stop supporting software piracy.

So this is kinda scary, right? Apple can tell if and when your device is jailbroken, but they can also tell when your running a jailbroken/”stolen” app. Not cool. Volume Problem – Volume Increases After Each Song

мебели от чам
I’m a huge fan of the Firefox extension and have been using it for quite some time now, but the most recent update seems to have a huge bug that needs to be fixed immediately. What’s happening is anytime I skip a song, the volume seems to jump up to 100% (though the volume slider remains in the same position). The same thing happens when just goes from one song to the next (without skipping). The funny thing is that when this happens, I click on the volume slider and slide up – the volume level actually goes down because of the fact the volume is jumping between songs.

Has anyone else noticed this problem, or am I the only lucky one?

How to Edit the iPhone User Dictionary – Add Custom Words to iPhone Dictionary

If you have some commonly used words that aren’t recognized by the standard iPhone dictionary, you can add your own words to the dictionary, it just requires a little “trickery” to get there. For some reason, Apple didn’t directly build in the ability to edit the iPhone dictionary, but it’s easy enough to add without having to hack or jailbreak your phone.

First, navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard. Once here, you should see that you have 1 (maybe 2 depending on if you have emoji enabled) International Keyboards.

Once here, click International Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Then find Japanese Ten Key.

Now click the home button, then go back to Settings > General > Keyboard. You should now see the Edit User Dictionary option as specified below. You can click into there and add all your own words, terms, abbreviations, etc.

Google Apps Transition – There was a problem with your transition.

I’ve been using Google Apps for myself and for many friends and clients email accounts whenever they buy a new domain name and want to have email associated with that domain. Recently, Google has rolled out their transitioning Google Apps accounts into standard Google accounts, and for most of the accounts that I have transitioned, there has been no problem, everything has gone smoothly, but unfortunately, one of my most heavily used accounts just failed the transition, and I can’t seem to find any help on the situation (probably because its a free apps account… if we had upgraded to premier, I’m sure we would be helped right away). After trying to transition, we got the following message:

There was a problem with your transition.

One or more of your accounts cannot be transitioned at this time. We will notify you when these accounts can be transitioned.

Here’s a screenshot:

Has anyone else come across this problem yet? Any solutions or suggestions? It seems that it got hung up on our one main account that we have a Google Voice account tied to, but I could be wrong. Any ideas?

New Facebook Layout Announced on 60 Minutes Is Not Showing

So the new Facebook layout that was announced on 60 minutes tonight is not showing yet on my computer. What’s going on with that? From my understanding, some people got the new layout as early as noon today, but it’s now 9:30pm and I’m still not seeing the new Facebook layout. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any way to fix this, or do we just have to wait for Facebook to get to our accounts?

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Release Date/Time

I know we’re all playing way too much Halo since Reach has been released, but the next thing that is going to feed that craving is the release of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack (maybe Nobel Map Pack). The official release date of the Noble Map Pack is November 30, 2010, but what time will they be released? 12am has come and gone, so what is the official release time of the Halo Reach Noble Map Pack? Well, we’re about to tell you.

The highly anticipated Halo Reach Noble Map Pack will be released on November 30th, 2010 at 6am PST.

That’s the best educated guess that you’ll find on the internet. Hopefully we’re within 3 hours (+/- 12 hours).

Let me know once you get your Noble Map Pack so I can log on and pwn you!!!

This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location – Google Sitemaps

I was finally getting my site to be completely indexed in Google Sitemaps when I got the following error. And let me add that this error came out of nowhere. There were no changes to my sitemap, there was nothing updated on my server. Google went from being okay with my sitemap one day, to blocking the entire thing the next. Any feedback from people who have had the same problem would be appreciated.

Every URL that was submitted yielded the following error:

URL not allowed
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location.
I have checked the preferred domain, the download location, etc. Every submitted URL matches the domain prefix of www. Any ideas? Anyone?

Halo Reach Ranking System – Ranks and Credits Needed

For all you Halo Reach nerds out there who are credit farming and trying to do all you can just to rank up faster, good luck with that. Fact of the matter is, Bungie had the right idea when creating the new ranking system and all the daily challenges and weekly challenges. It’s just their way of sinking their teeth in and making sure that all you little noobs keep on coming back for more. Just 1,500 more credits to level up! I’ll keep playing! Here’s the current rankings and the points needed to obtain each level. I expect to be at Inheritor by the end of 2010. Mark my words.

  • Recruit – 0 cR
  • Private – 7,500 cR
  • Corporal – 10,000 cR (+2,500 cR)
  • Corporal Grade 1 – 15,000 cR (+5,000 cR)
  • Sergeant – 20,000 cR (+5,000 cR)
  • Sergeant Grade 1 – 26,250 cR (+6,250 cR)
  • Sergeant Grade 2 – 32,500 cR (+6,250 cR)
  • Warrant Officer – 45,000 cR (+12,500 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 1 – 78,000 cR (+33,000 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 2 – 111,000 cR (+33,000 cR)
  • Warrant Officer Grade 3 – 144,000 cR (+33000 cR)
  • Captain – 210,000 cR (+66,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 1 – 233,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 2 – 256,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Captain Grade 3 – 279,000 cR (+23,000 cR)
  • Major – 325,000 cR (+46,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 1 – 350,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 2 – 375,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Major Grade 3 – 400,000 cR (+25,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel – 450,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 1 – 480,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 2 – 510,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Lt. Colonel Grade 3 – 540,000 cR (+30,000 cR)
  • Commander – 600,000 cR (+60,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 1 –650,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 2 – 700,000 cR (+50,000 cR)
  • Commander Grade 3 – 750,000 (+50,000 cR)
  • Colonel – 850,000 cR (+100,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 1 – 960,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 2 – 1,070,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Colonel Grade 3 – 1,180,000 cR (+110,000 cR)
  • Brigadier – 1,400,000 cR (+220,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 1 – 1,520,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 2 – 1,640,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • Brigadier Grade 3 – 1,760,000 cR (+120,000 cR)
  • General – 2,000,000 cR (+240,000 cR)
  • General Grade 1 – 2,200,000 cR (+200,000 cR)
  • General Grade 2 – 2,350,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • General Grade 3 – 2,500,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • General Grade 4 – 2,650,000 cR (+150,000 cR)
  • Field Marshall – 3,000,000 cR (+350,000 cR)
  • Hero – 3,700,000 cR (+700,000 cR)
  • Legend – 4,600,000 cR (+900,000 cR)
  • Mythic – 5,650,000 cR (+1,050,000 cR)
  • Noble – 7,000,000 cR (+1,350,000 cR)
  • Eclipse – 8,500,000 cR (+1,500,000 cR)
  • Nova – 11,000,000 cR (+2,500,000 cR)
  • Forerunner – 13,000,000 cR (+2,000,000 cR)
  • Reclaimer – 16,500,000 cR (+3,500,000 cR)
  • Inheritor – 20,000,000 cR (+3,500,000 cR)

Social Network Time Wasters

I recently came across a new(er) website that simply lists out great ways to waste your time on social networks. I know I’ve seen things like this in the past, not necessarily websites dedicated to it, but just the little things that go around the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. This new(er) site is called Fun With Social Networks and they create posts about fun/quirky/lame things that people can/will/have done on the major social networks. In reading through the site last night, I was intrigued by one of their ideas in particular, that is their post: My ABC Favorite Web Addresses The reason this caught my eye is that I couldn’t help but wonder… do people really have a favorite website for each letter? I couldn’t think of a Z website. And what do people do when they get to F…,, Too hard to pick just one for some letters! Anyways, check out the site, leave comment, or post something to your social network and give this guy some cred. He’s doing a nice job of organizing some of the fun social network stuff that is being done out there.