Enabling iPhone Tethering on AT&T Network

Well, after a few weeks of the tethering hack being released, many people have enabled it on their iPhones and I have not yet heard of anyone receiving a bill for anything above normal. I still haven’t enabled tethering on my iPhone because I was worried that AT&T would try to slam me with a massive bill, so decided to just wait on the sidelines and see what happened to all those who had enabled tethering. The only real “problem” that I’ve heard of thus far is the loss of visual voicemail, which already has a fix/workaround to get it back up and running. I’ve been reading about how to enable tethering and I’m amazed at how easy it is. I’m going to enable tethering on my iPhone tonight and I’ll post about it in the next day or two to let you know how it went.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date, 3G iPhone 2nd Generation Release Date – UPDATED

2nd Generation iPhone – 3G iPhone

It’s official! Apple has announced the 2nd generation iPhone and plans on starting distribution as early as June in Spain. Unfortunately, those of us in the U.S. are going to have to wait until July 11th to get our hands on one. The major feature enhancements for the 3G iPhone are:

  • 3G capability (which equates to faster network connectivity over EDGE)
  • GPS functionality built in

If you are happy with the current speed an functionality of your 1st generation iPhone, I’d recommend keeping it, though the new $199 price point for the 8GB 3G iPhone is going to be hard for many of us techies to resist.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date

Still an unofficial guesstimate, the iPhone 2.0 firmware update will supposedly be released on June 11, 2008. We all knew that it was referred to as the “June Update” for quite some time, however, the exact date is still up for debate. If anyone has any information, please do share!