Personal Injury Lawsuits – California Personal Injury Cases

I can’t believe the number of personal injury lawsuits and cases that constantly pop up in our society today. I think its a combination of 2 things:

  1. People, for some reason, think that its okay to sue anyone and everyone for just about no reason.
  2. Lawyers see an easy way to make money in personal injury cases, so they have no problem jumping on the bandwagon and not only filing one case, but actually building an entire practice around personal injury claims.

It seems that there are more and more absurd lawsuits popping up all the time. Check out The Stella Awards which were inspired by the McDonald’s coffee spill lawsuit if you’d like to read about more absurd lawsuits.

Speaking of absurd lawsuits, check out this listing of “types” of personal injury lawsuits that I found on a random personal injury lawyers’ website:

Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accidents
Car / Automobile

Personal Injury Products Liability
Defective Drugs
Tire Failure
Brake Failure
Air Bag Injuries

Personal Injury Public Transportation Accidents
Railroad Accident
Bus Accident
Plane Crash

Personal Injury Work Injuries
Workers’ Compensation
Machinery / Assembly Line Injuries

Personal Injury Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Personal Injury Intentional Injuries
Sexual Abuse
Police Brutality

Personal Injury Specific Injuries
Brain Injury
Dog Bite
Slip and Fall
Spinal Injury

Personal Injury Hazardous Exposure
Chemical Exposure
Lead Poisoning