The Two Things That Geeks Want Most

There is no question about it, there are two things out there that high on the list of demands for features to be added to things we use everyday.

  1. Copy & Paste Support for the iPhone
    This is apparently coming with the release of the iPhone 3.0 software. I’ll believe it when I see it! This has been a feature that has been being requested since the first iPhone was bought, and it sounds like it actually might become a reality in the near future.
  2. HTML Signatures in Gmail
    Lets face it… we all use Gmail, and we all use many of the great features that are offered in Gmail Labs, but the thing that is absolutely requested more than any other feature has got to be the request for HTML signatures in Gmail. As soon as HTML signatures are offered, I wouldn’t be surprised if sales and usage of Microsoft Outlook dropped by half. HTML signatures are the one thing that email clients offer that google has unfortunately not started to offer inside of Gmail yet.

It’s funny some of the most trivial things like Copy & Paste and HTML Signatures are also 2 of the things that 2 of the biggest tech companies have failed to offer for a long time. What do you think? Does anyone have a guess on an ETA for HTML Signatures?

Let’s start a petition…

Sign/Comment below if you’d like Gmail Labs to start offering an HTML Signature option.

iPhone 3.0 Software Release Date – Copy & Paste Is Finally Here!

After literally YEARS of waiting, the folks at Apple have finally decided to begin offering support for cut and paste in the new version of the Apple iPhone 3.0 software update. In addition to the support for copy and paste, there are a whole slew of other new features being offered, many of which include support for 3rd party devices.

So now that it’s almost here, what will be the first thing that you copy and paste once you install the new version of the iPhone 3.0 firmware?

iPhone 2.0.1 Firmware Update to Fix Bugs and Glitches Found in 2.0 Update

If Apple’s most recent release of the 2.0 iPhone software update doesn’t make you want to jailbreak your iPhone, I don’t know what will. Ever since installing the 2.0 update, with the exception of my initial excitement about installing new applications, I have been frustrated by the slow user interface experience that the 2.0 update has caused.

I hope that Apple will figure it out and release a 2.0.1, or maybe even a 2.1 update. But you know Apple is always slow to release the next major revision of their firmware, so I’m guessing that we’re likely to see a 2.0.1 update before we see a 2.1 update. Either way, I need to see something soon, otherwise I’m going to have to go back to my Nokia 8801.

iPhone WordPress App – Apps I’d Like to See in the Apple AppStore – WordPress Apps

With the popularity of WordPress constantly growing, and the same holding true for the Apple iPhone, I’d love to see some WordPress developers and iPhone application developers put together a WordPress admin application for the iPhone that could be downloaded from the AppStore. Whether the application was free or paid, I think it’d get a great response from both the WordPress and iPhone community.

There are iPhone enabled admin themes for WordPress, but they just don’t offer the same usability that one might get from an actual iPhone application. Any takers? I might be willing to partially subsidize the development… very partially.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update – Download a Day Early, iPhone 2.0 Software Download

MacRumors forums found the iPhone 2.0 software update and posted it for all to download and install. Download it here, and install it today.

Here’s a great install guide if you choose not to wait for the official release.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date – iPhone Firmware Update Cost & Release Date

So it doesn’t look like the iPhone firmware release date is going to hit in June as was previously anticipated. I’m betting that we’ll see the release of the firmware on the same date that the new iPhone is released: Friday, July 11th. All the Apple website says is “Coming Soon”, still no specific date for the launch of the 2.0 firmware update, so I’m banking on July 11th. I’d love to see it prior to that, but I’m not betting that its going to happen.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date, 3G iPhone 2nd Generation Release Date – UPDATED

2nd Generation iPhone – 3G iPhone

It’s official! Apple has announced the 2nd generation iPhone and plans on starting distribution as early as June in Spain. Unfortunately, those of us in the U.S. are going to have to wait until July 11th to get our hands on one. The major feature enhancements for the 3G iPhone are:

  • 3G capability (which equates to faster network connectivity over EDGE)
  • GPS functionality built in

If you are happy with the current speed an functionality of your 1st generation iPhone, I’d recommend keeping it, though the new $199 price point for the 8GB 3G iPhone is going to be hard for many of us techies to resist.

iPhone 2.0 Firmware Release Date

Still an unofficial guesstimate, the iPhone 2.0 firmware update will supposedly be released on June 11, 2008. We all knew that it was referred to as the “June Update” for quite some time, however, the exact date is still up for debate. If anyone has any information, please do share!

3G iPhone Release Date – 3G iPhone Announced at WWDC

Well, as expected, Steve Jobs just announced the new and much improved 3G iPhone at WWDC (I have no idea what that stands for by the way). After reading all about it, the 3G iPhone will primarily have all of the same features and functionality as the first generation iPhone, but the 3G model will of course have much faster network coverage and will have built in GPS support. All of the other cool features and functionality that were discussed at WWDC will most likely become part of the Generation 1 iPhone with the release of the iPhone 2.0 June update.

My favorite part about the 3G iPhone… it’s price tag. Only $199. That’s amazing, considering that when the iPhone was first released, it was $599. Now they’re selling a better phone at a fraction of the cost.

I don’t know the exact 3G iPhone release date, but when it is released, I’m probably going to go get one!

iPhone 2.0 Update Feature Request – Video Recording – Record and Upload Videos on iPhone

I’ll be posting about some of the most common iPhone feature requests that we see here as comments on this blog. I might have a tendency to post about features that I’d like to see with more depth and detail than features that would be less usable and more “flashy” than anything else.

One feature that is requested by many users is iPhone video recording capability. As a software developer, I think that this should definitely be an upcoming feature in the June Release of the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update. The reason I say that, is because the iPhone already has all of the necessary hardware to enable video recording – it has a camera, and it has a microphone. The reason that I think it’d be a very useful feature, is because the iPhone is already integraded with YouTube. It’d be great for both YouTube and iPhone owners if users could simply record and upload video directly from their iPhone. Just think of the usefulness of that! Just a for instance – let’s say you go to a birthday party of your relative and your cousin wasn’t able to make it, you could record video of everyone singing happy birthday and upload it to YouTube and immediately send a link from your iPhone to your cousin, and they could in turn, check out the video… IMMEDIATELY!!!

In my opinion, I definitely think that iPhone video recording will be something that we see in the June Update for the iPhone 2.0 Firmware.

iPhone Copy & Paste Functionality – Will the 2.0 Update Offer Copy & Paste

I’ve speculated on many of the iPhone updates in terms of the features and functionality that will be offered in each of the updates, iPhone 2.0 June Update, the iPhone 1.1.5+ Update, and others, but the one common feature that users continue to ask for is Copy & Paste functionality for the iPhone. Here’s my question to all of the readers out there: How do you propose that Copy & Paste functionality would work on the iPhone?

We’ve come up with a couple options, but knowing that Apple always likes to find the best and most easy to use option, give us your input on how you think iPhone Copy & Paste functionality would work best.

We’ve had these 2 options suggested:

  1. Use 2 fingers to drag and highlight across text – this brings the problem of sizing the page/text, because the pinch method is already used for sizing.
  2. Use 1 finger to drag and highlight across text – this brings the problem of scrolling the page/text, because the one finger drag is already used for scrolling.

I think the best (and only option) for Copy & Paste functionality on the iPhone is to have it work in the following way (Dear Apple, if you like this method, please send a check):

  1. Press and hold a single finger inside the text, at either the start or end of the text that you wish to highlight.
  2. After say 1-3 seconds of holding, a highlight option becomes available, at which time you will be able to drag your finger to select text.
  3. Upon lifting your finger, there can be 2 options:
    1. Highlighted text is automatically copied to the clipboard.
    2. A submenu pops up giving the option to Cut or Copy the text.

Let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you have any additional ideas of your own.