GMC Yukon Hybrid – Does the GMC Yukon Hybrid Gas Mileage Justify the Price

After seeing the success that Ford and Toyota have had with small SUVs, the Escape and the Highlander, respectively, GMC has now released a hybrid version of a full size SUV – The GMC Yukon Hybrid. So here is my question – Does the difference in gas mileage make the escalated price worth it? The standard GMC Yukon gets gas mileage of 14 city/20 highway, and the GMC Yukon Hybrid gets gas mileage of 21 city/22 highway. I’ll admit, the 7 extra miles per gallon during city driving would be nice, but only 1 extra mile per gallon on the highway? What’s the point? I suppose the Yukon Hybrid would be a good option for soccer moms who just drive around town all day long dropping their kids off and picking them up, but for anyone with a job or a daily commute, I have to say that the standard GMC Yukon would be the best option… unless you just feel like blowing an extra $10K.