Starbucks Iced Carmel Macchiato Recipe – Has it changed?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of the Starbucks Iced Carmel Macchiato (Venti… of course). However, the last few times I’ve had one, it has tasted like shit! Honestly, I order the Iced Carmel Macchiato because I have a major sweet tooth. If you’re not going to load my drink with carmel flavor and carmel syrup… is there really a point to me buying it? It really seems like they’ve cut down on the use of carmel flavoring that they put into the drink, and it also seems like they’ve been using a lot less of the thick carmel syrup… that was my favorite part!!! After the drink was gone, trying to suck all that thick carmely goodness through the straw.

Are there any other fans of the Starbucks Iced Carmel Macchiato out there? Have you noticed the same thing? Maybe its just this one Starbucks location that I’ve been going to… I should try another one and see if its the same.