Google Apps Transition – There was a problem with your transition.

I’ve been using Google Apps for myself and for many friends and clients email accounts whenever they buy a new domain name and want to have email associated with that domain. Recently, Google has rolled out their transitioning Google Apps accounts into standard Google accounts, and for most of the accounts that I have transitioned, there has been no problem, everything has gone smoothly, but unfortunately, one of my most heavily used accounts just failed the transition, and I can’t seem to find any help on the situation (probably because its a free apps account… if we had upgraded to premier, I’m sure we would be helped right away). After trying to transition, we got the following message:

There was a problem with your transition.

One or more of your accounts cannot be transitioned at this time. We will notify you when these accounts can be transitioned.

Here’s a screenshot:

Has anyone else come across this problem yet? Any solutions or suggestions? It seems that it got hung up on our one main account that we have a Google Voice account tied to, but I could be wrong. Any ideas?

This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location – Google Sitemaps

I was finally getting my site to be completely indexed in Google Sitemaps when I got the following error. And let me add that this error came out of nowhere. There were no changes to my sitemap, there was nothing updated on my server. Google went from being okay with my sitemap one day, to blocking the entire thing the next. Any feedback from people who have had the same problem would be appreciated.

Every URL that was submitted yielded the following error:

URL not allowed
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location.
I have checked the preferred domain, the download location, etc. Every submitted URL matches the domain prefix of www. Any ideas? Anyone?

Google Merchant Center – No performance data is available for your account.

I recently updated some of my clients from Google Base to use the new and “improved” Google Merchant Center. I’ve got the feeds working and uploading to Google Merchant Center now, but I’m having a problem. Under the Dashboard, it appears that I have no products uploaded. Everything is zero. Active Products, Search Clicks, API impressions, etc. However, when I go into the My Products tab, I can click on Active and see 94 products. If I click on Performance Report, I get the following message: No performance data is available for your account.

Has anyone else had this problem of data not showing up in the account? I’ve waited a couple days and my Google Merchant Account Dashboard still remains empty. Any suggestions?

Cause of Decreasing AdSense CTR – Click Through Rate Falling Drastically – What Causes This?

2010 had been great in terms of AdSense revenue through the month of January, but once February rolled around, I noticed a huge drop in my CTR. In January 2009, my AdSense CTR for all of the sites I manage and work with was nearly double digits. I understand that this isn’t typical, but it had been like that for well over a year. Toward the end of 2o09. Over the past year, my CTR had fallen to about half of what it was, then in the past month, it’s fallen to about half of that. What gives? The site is the same, I still get the same amount off traffic, if not more, but my CTR is turning into garbage!

Update – CTR Problem Solved

I found out that my site was hacked. After about 10-15 seconds, my site would redirect based on some javascript code that was injected into it. Read more about how my WordPress was hacked, read here.

Google GDrive File Backup and Shared Storage with Other Google Services

I’ve recently been looking into off-site storage and backup solutions for both personal and business data. There are many free options out there that offer up to 2GB of data, which is nice for storing some working files and/or current projects, but that isn’t even close to enough storage space for most of us when we consider all of the music, pictures, videos and other media that we all have to store and backup.

I had heard a lot of stuff about Google’s GDrive back in late 2008 and early 2009, but all the talk and hype seems to have faded away. I couldn’t help but think about it recently when I received an email from Google about storage space and the new low cost that they are offering. Google is now offering 200GB of storage for $50/year, plus they’re going to throw in a free EyeFi card. Could this be a sign of things to come? Is it possible that Google would be offering a first look at GDrive to it’s paying customers? My guess is yes, but as with Apple, it is always impossible to speculate what Google is going to do.

Purchasing storage space from Google is nice, because it will be shared across all of your accounts (Picasa, Gmail, etc). Here are their new pricing options for additional storage space:

Select a plan:

GBoard the Keypad Specifically for Heavy Gmail Users

If you’re a Gmail user (which many of us are now), or if you have a friend or family member who is heavily into Gmail, you might want to take a look at the GBoard this holiday season. The GBoard is a keypad made specifically to integrate into GMail and its shortcut keys.

Using the GBoard is simple, as it connects via USB. Setting it up just requires 2 steps… only 1 step if you already have shortcuts enabled in GMail. If you already have shortcuts enabled in Gmail, simply plug the GBoard into your USB and you’re all set. If you don’t already have Keyboard shortcuts enabled, you’ll need to enable keyboard shortcuts in your GMail settings. That’s it! You’ll be all setup and ready to run your GBoard immediately!

GBoard the Keypad Specifically for Heavy Gmail Users
GBoard the Keypad Specifically for Heavy Gmail Users
  • Q: what is the Gboard?
  • A: the Gboard is a unique keyboard designed to turbo-charge your Gmail ™ experience. we’ve put what we feel are the most useful Gmail ™ shortcuts together in one convenient place, with icons and colors to help you access the Gmail™ shortcuts fast.
  • Q: is the Gboard perfect?
  • A: no. for example there are times when you’ll need to use the ESC key to exit an input field before using the Gboard keys (just as you would using shortcuts on your primary keyboard).
  • Q: is the Gboard affiliated with Google?
  • A: no. the Gboard works with Gmail ™, but it is in no way affiliated with Google, Inc. Google™, Gmail™ and their respective logos are the property of Google, Inc.
  • Q: what do i need to use the Gboard?
  • A: the Gboard works with both Mac and PC. anyone using Gmail ™ with a qualified web browser and a USB port can use the Gboard.
  • Q: is there any software to install?
  • A: no. software isn’t necessary with the Gboard. it operates using the built-in capabilites of your operating system and browser.
  • Q: is it easy?
  • A: yes. as you learn how shortcuts work, and how the Gboard can help you make the most of them, you’ll be a pro in no time using all the Gmail ™ shortcuts without even looking.
  • Q: any instructions for this thing?
  • A: the Gboard is mostly self-explanatory, but we’ve created a help area to help you get started. Happy Gmail ™ shortcutting.

The Two Things That Geeks Want Most

There is no question about it, there are two things out there that high on the list of demands for features to be added to things we use everyday.

  1. Copy & Paste Support for the iPhone
    This is apparently coming with the release of the iPhone 3.0 software. I’ll believe it when I see it! This has been a feature that has been being requested since the first iPhone was bought, and it sounds like it actually might become a reality in the near future.
  2. HTML Signatures in Gmail
    Lets face it… we all use Gmail, and we all use many of the great features that are offered in Gmail Labs, but the thing that is absolutely requested more than any other feature has got to be the request for HTML signatures in Gmail. As soon as HTML signatures are offered, I wouldn’t be surprised if sales and usage of Microsoft Outlook dropped by half. HTML signatures are the one thing that email clients offer that google has unfortunately not started to offer inside of Gmail yet.

It’s funny some of the most trivial things like Copy & Paste and HTML Signatures are also 2 of the things that 2 of the biggest tech companies have failed to offer for a long time. What do you think? Does anyone have a guess on an ETA for HTML Signatures?

Let’s start a petition…

Sign/Comment below if you’d like Gmail Labs to start offering an HTML Signature option.

New AdSense Homepage – Can’t Login to AdSense Account

It appears that Google is working on releasing a new version of the Google AdSense Homepage, and possibly even a new version of the Google AdSense reporting and user information page. However, as of right now, I am unable to log into my Google AdSense account, as everytime I try to sign in, I’m redirected back to the new default Welcome to AdSense page.

The sign in page is no longer part of the AdSense homepage, you click a link that reads: Already using AdSense? Sign in » but upon clicking and signing in, users are currently being redirected back to the main AdSense homepage.

I hope that Google has something good in-store for us! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Problems with Google Mobile Sync for iPhone

As much as I love the new Google Mobile Sync for my iPhone, there are a couple problems that I’ve come across. Well, they’re not necessarily problems, but they’re “features” that I might like to see added.

Syncing to iPhone
This is when I add contacts in Gmail and they are Pushed to my iPhone.


  • Contact photo gets pushed to iPhone


  • Nowhere to add birthday
  • Deleting a contact in Gmail doesn’t remove it from my iPhone

Syncing to Gmail
This is when I add new contacts in my iPhone and they are pushed to Gmail. I love the fact that when adding contacts on the iPhone, you can typically put in all information immediately, including a photo.


  • Automatically backs up new contacts to Gmail. No need to sync to your computer anymore.


  • Does not push contact photo to Gmail
  • Does not push contact birthday to Gmail
  • Deleting a contact from my iPhone doesn’t delete it from my Gmail contacts

Other than these few minor “problems” there is not really anything else that needs to be added. I love the features and functionality of google mobile sync. Stay tuned for my review of how to sync your iPhone calendar to two or more Google Calendars.

iPhone Sync Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar with iPhone Contacts and Calendar

Google has finally decided to offer a fully functional syncing system that allows users to sync their Google accounts with their mobile devices, such as iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device. Sync functionality with my Google account is something that I’ve been looking for ever since I’ve I got my iPhone. I’ve tried a few other 3rd party options over the past year or so, none of which was really “fluid” in the way that it worked.

That’s the best part about the new Google Mobile Sync functionality. It is truly fluid and works seemlessly once it is setup. The Push capability makes it a breeze, and I love the security knowing that when I add a new contact on my phone it is immediately Pushed to my Gmail account, and vice versa, when I add a contact in Gmail, it is available on my phone next time I look at my contact list. Before you sync to your Google account for the first time, you may want to export your your current contact list from Outlook, iCal or whatever. My problem was that my Gmail contact list wasn’t quite the same as my iPhone/Outlook contact list, so what I did was import my exported list into Gmail. This added all of the “missing contacts” from into my Google Account.

Here are a few things that I’ve noticed so far:

  • This is just great!

iPhone Google Sync