iMovie on iPhone – Audio Clip Shorter in Export Than in Preview

I’ve been messing around with iMovie on my iPhone 4 and I’m realizing that the songs that come with the iMovie themes vary in length upon being exported. For instance, the song by Phoenix that comes with one of the themes, I have it playing until the very end of the movie (when I preview it), but upon exporting the movie, I have about 10 seconds of silence at the end. What is the reason for this? Does the audio/video playback speed slow down or speed up on export?

iPhone 4 Announced – iPhone OS 4.0 Release Date – iOS 4.0

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 4 and released pictures and video of the phone and its amazing new features and capabilities. I think the most attractive features of the new iPhone are the new screen which offers a resolution that is 4 times as high as the current iPhone as well as the front and back facing camera (with flash) and the ability to record and edit HD video. Apple has definitely set the bar high with the announcement and release of this new hardware.

The release of the iPhone OS 4.0 firmware will be another feature that allows the iPhone to gain more market share, because the OS 4.0 will allow developers to do more. For some reason, Apple has stopped calling it the iPhone OS 4.0 and has now gone to a different naming scheme, calling it iOS 4.0. Either way, it is feature packed and will add a huge list of new features and capabilities to the new phone. I can’t wait to get mine!