iPhone 2.0 Update Feature Request – Video Recording – Record and Upload Videos on iPhone

I’ll be posting about some of the most common iPhone feature requests that we see here as comments on this blog. I might have a tendency to post about features that I’d like to see with more depth and detail than features that would be less usable and more “flashy” than anything else.

One feature that is requested by many users is iPhone video recording capability. As a software developer, I think that this should definitely be an upcoming feature in the June Release of the iPhone 2.0 Firmware Update. The reason I say that, is because the iPhone already has all of the necessary hardware to enable video recording – it has a camera, and it has a microphone. The reason that I think it’d be a very useful feature, is because the iPhone is already integraded with YouTube. It’d be great for both YouTube and iPhone owners if users could simply record and upload video directly from their iPhone. Just think of the usefulness of that! Just a for instance – let’s say you go to a birthday party of your relative and your cousin wasn’t able to make it, you could record video of everyone singing happy birthday and upload it to YouTube and immediately send a link from your iPhone to your cousin, and they could in turn, check out the video… IMMEDIATELY!!!

In my opinion, I definitely think that iPhone video recording will be something that we see in the June Update for the iPhone 2.0 Firmware.

iPhone Copy & Paste Functionality – Will the 2.0 Update Offer Copy & Paste

I’ve speculated on many of the iPhone updates in terms of the features and functionality that will be offered in each of the updates, iPhone 2.0 June Update, the iPhone 1.1.5+ Update, and others, but the one common feature that users continue to ask for is Copy & Paste functionality for the iPhone. Here’s my question to all of the readers out there: How do you propose that Copy & Paste functionality would work on the iPhone?

We’ve come up with a couple options, but knowing that Apple always likes to find the best and most easy to use option, give us your input on how you think iPhone Copy & Paste functionality would work best.

We’ve had these 2 options suggested:

  1. Use 2 fingers to drag and highlight across text – this brings the problem of sizing the page/text, because the pinch method is already used for sizing.
  2. Use 1 finger to drag and highlight across text – this brings the problem of scrolling the page/text, because the one finger drag is already used for scrolling.

I think the best (and only option) for Copy & Paste functionality on the iPhone is to have it work in the following way (Dear Apple, if you like this method, please send a check):

  1. Press and hold a single finger inside the text, at either the start or end of the text that you wish to highlight.
  2. After say 1-3 seconds of holding, a highlight option becomes available, at which time you will be able to drag your finger to select text.
  3. Upon lifting your finger, there can be 2 options:
    1. Highlighted text is automatically copied to the clipboard.
    2. A submenu pops up giving the option to Cut or Copy the text.

Let me know what you think of these ideas, and if you have any additional ideas of your own.

USA Spec PA11-HON2y vs. Honda Music Link for iPhone and iPod Touch

Every so often, I get a bug in my system where I just have to tweak or modify something in my car. Now, out of nowhere, I have suddenly got the urge to integrate my iPhone with Honda Pilot. The trouble that I’m having right now, is trying to decide which adapter will work best (if at all) with my iPhone. After a bit of research, my two possible options are:

  • USA Spec PA11-HON2y
  • Honda Music Link

After some research, it seems that the Honda Music Link doesn’t currently support the iPhone or iPod Touch, though I’m still a little bit more inclined to purchase this version. But on the other hand, it seems like the USA Spec PA11-HON2y product natively supports both the iPhone and the iPod Touch. So that’s my dilemma. Do any of you have either the Honda Music Link or the USA Spec PA11-HON2y installed in your Honda?

Both of these products are said to work with all new model Honda vehicles:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Civic
  • Honda CR-V
  • Honda Element
  • Honda Fit
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Honda Pilot
  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Honda S2000