Notification System for New Albums and Concert Performances from Artists You Like

I have so many apps, programs, websites, tools, etc etc that I use related to music (I listed them out below).

But I’m still missing a functionality I really want… and that is: a notification system when an artist I follow is about to release new material, or is about to perform in my area! If anyone knows of something reliable that provides this data, I’d love to hear about it.

Muspy is supposed to tell when artists release new material, but its unreliable. It misses a lot of data, or sends it late, and duplicates data (for other country releases). has listings on artist performances, but its incomplete and hard to get at the data. It relies on artists/users to upload the information regarding tour dates. Also, it doesn’t have a notifcation system for when artists you like are coming to your area. You’re left with hoping you visit the artist’s page at the right time.

Here’s the things I’ve used related to music:

  • (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Pandora (web, mobile, desktop “OpenPandora”)
  • Grooveshark (web, desktop, mobile)
  • Spotify (desktop, mobile)
  • iPod (mobile)
  • iTunes (desktop)
  • Windows Media Player (desktop)
  • Youtube (web, mobile)
  • iHeartRadio (mobile, web)
  • iLike (mobile, web)
  • mySpace (web)
  • Muspy (web)
  • 8tracks (web)
  • AllMusic (web)
  • Playlistify (web)
  • Shazam (mobile)
  • Soundhound (mobile)
  • BingMusic (mobile)

Then there is of course, the more traditional avenues: FM radio, Satelite radio, Television, Concerts, and Coffee Shops.

It’s crazy how often and in how many different ways we have access to music! In another article, I’ll attempt to summarize everything that these tools are trying to accomplish, and every functionality one could possibly want related to music.

How to Get Apple to Remove/Disable Gapless Playback from iTunes

It’s been quite awhile now, and Apple still has not answered the huge problem that Gapless Playback has been causing. For some reason, Apple seems to think that Gapless Playback is a wanted (or needed) feature, though I can count hundreds of emails and comments that I’ve received complaining about Gapless Playback. Ever since the release of iTunes version 7 (and beyond) Gapless Playback has been causing huge problems for those people who have large music libraries and those of us who have all of our music stored and shared across networked drives.

Gapless Playback got so bad for me that everytime I opened up iTunes, it would literally lock me out of my system. It’d take at least 10-15 minutes before iTunes would respond to me clicking the small X in the menu to stop “Determining Gapless Playback”, and I know others have had the same problem, and some have had it worse. I’ll admit, it could be a cool feature, but is it necessary, absolutely not. It’d be great if Apple would just make a system-wide setting in iTunes that would allow Gapless Playback to be turned on/off (enabled/disabled). That way, each and every song in the music library wouldn’t have to be tagged as being part of a Gapless Playback album. That would make peoples lives a lot easier!

As I mentioned above, Gapless Playback has gotten so bad for me that I’ve stopped using iTunes to manage my music. I’ve found two strong alternatives that are really growing on me:

  • MediaMonkey
    The thing I like about MediaMonkey is they’ve found a way to allow you to manage the songs on your iPhone from within the MediaMonkey interface, however, each time a new version of iTunes comes out, there is some small lag time as the MediaMonkey program is updated. MediaMonkey does natively support updating iPods. Music playback and music management is great from within MediaMonkey and that’s what makes it my favorite alternative to iTunes, but if you’re solely a Mac user, you’re unfortunately out of luck on this one.
  • Songbird
    Songbird is great because its built on the Mozilla platform and allows all sorts of user developed add-ons, plugins and themes to be installed. The good thing about Songbird is that it comes for Windows/Mac/Linux.