Runs Not Syncing to Nike+ Plus from iPod/iTunes/iPhone

If it wasn’t for Nike+ Plus, I wouldn’t run at all. The fact that I can have some sort of geeky tech toy with me when I run makes all the difference in the world for me. The only problem is that recently, my runs have not been syncing with when I connect my iPod or iPhone to iTunes after going for a run.

I haven’t changed the way that I do anything, I always used to just plug in my iPod when I returned from a run, and the run data would be automatically sent to, but within the past few months, I’ve noticed sporadic problems with run data not being sent/synced to from iTunes.

Has anyone encountered this same problem? Here are some of the specs of the hardware and software I’m using:

  • I’ve had the problem on both my PC and my Mac computer.
  • I’ve had the problem with both my iPod Nano and my iPhone.
  • I use Firefox on both my PC and my Mac, however, I still have the same problem when using Internet Explorer on my PC and when I use Safari on my Mac. I went as far as changing my PC’s default browser to Internet Explorer and my Mac’s default browser to Safari. Neither seemed to fix anything.
  • I have the most recent version of iTunes on both machines – iTunes 9.1

Enabling Nike+ on iPhone 3G

It has been announced that the iPhone 3GS will support the Nike+ application and will allow workouts to be tracked and sent to, but for some reason, Apple has decided to not allow this feature on the iPhone 3G, even with the 3.0 software update, Apple has decided to keep this functionality available only to the iPhone 3GS users.

It is my mission to find a way to enable the Nike+ application on my iPhone 3G, and when I find a solution, you can be sure that I’ll post it here. If anyone has any input, please feel free to comment.